Getting started – in sustainable, responsible & ethical investments

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At first glance the sustainable, responsible and ethical investment (SRI) market can appear complicated and somewhat off putting.  Some of the myths that have grown up around this area are also unhelpful.

Fund EcoMarket aims to help demystify this area by showcasing its diversity and helping UK based  advisers and investors to find investments that match investors personal aims and opinions.

When starting out it is important to understand that there are lots of different ‘SRI’ strategies and that they have evolved for different reasons.

This includes; differences in fund managers aims and opinions, different client needs and different investment objectives.

  • For example, many of the early SRI funds were set up to reflect ethical and faith based client values (and later added in environmental and other criteria),  whereas others were launched to enable clients to benefit from investing in companies with stronger environmental or sustainability themed strategies.

As with any area of investment the best way to work out which options might suit an individual investor is by asking questions…

  • We recommend financial advisers ask all clients whether or not they are interested in this area as part of their standard fact finding process (see ‘Advice Process’ and for further support).
  • For interested clients we recommend advisers then proceed to ask further, more specific, questions.

To help get you started we offer a free to use on-line ‘SRI StyleFinder’ questionnaire.  This enables users to identify the types of screened and themed options (‘SRI Styles’) that are most likely to suit their personal aims and opinions.

  • The questionnaire can be saved and printed in report form.
  • The identified ‘best fit’ SRI Styles can then be selected within Fund EcoMarket filter options – so that research is narrowed down to  focus on potentially appropriate options only.
  • Research can then be refined further using the additional filter options on Fund EcoMarket.

The button below will take you to the questionnaire:

Please note this for information purposes only and does not represent advice or endorsement of any kind. We are not authorised to offer financial advise and can not deal directly with individual investors.

Financial Services Professionals Only:

  • To ask about training or further support
  • To ask about adding a fund or amending an existing fund entry



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