‘SRI Features’ filter

water-sampleThis filter option helps identify other relevant information that relates to the sustainable, responsible and ethical aspects of a fund.

The ‘features’ area aims to help explain how fund managers translate their published policies into investment decision making – offering more information about the ‘look and feel’ of the fund.  Some of these ‘features’ also relate to how what fund managers do is interpreted by others.

For example:

  • a fund may ‘avoid coal, oil and gas majors’ as part of its ‘policy’ – but clean energy may or may not be a feature of where it invests.
  • a fund may avoid numerous areas such as tobacco, armaments and oil – but this does not mean the fund invests in larger cap or smaller cap companies.
  • a fund may not be marketed as a ‘faith based’ fund, but the fund managers may be aware that it is ‘faith friendly’ and appropriate for some such investors

Please note, we do not aim to put across the view that any particular policies or features are ‘right or wrong’.

Our aim is to make it clear that different strategies exist – so that investor needs can be matched to funds that suit their personal aims.

An explanation of the filter options is available when you hover over a filter option within individual fund entries.

If you are unsure of anything you should contact your financial adviser or the fund manager.