An Investor Introduction to Fund EcoMarket

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Fund EcoMarket – helping match ‘ethical’ and ‘sustainable investment’ opinions to investment options

This free to use information hub offers the following help:

  • Read about ethical, sustainable and responsible investment policies and strategies on Fund EcoMarket
  • Understand the core similarities and differences between funds with the help of our unique ‘SRI Styles’ labelling system.
  • You can use our SRI StyleFinder Questionnaire to identify your best fit ‘SRI Style(s)’
  • Get to know individual fund strategies by reading the information they have supplied to us or by clicking the links to fund manager sites
  • This information can be used to help inform your investment decision making whether you chose to invest via a financial adviser, an online platform or direct with an investment fund provider.

What’s on Fund EcoMarket?

  • Fund EcoMarket is a comprehensive directory of all ethical, sustainable & responsible Investment funds (onshore, regulated, retail only) displaying information about what makes these options unique.
  • The site shows ethical and SRI strategy information only.  This is partly because this is our area of expertise (and interest!) and also because there are plenty of other providers of information relating to other areas.
  • Our aim is to help people to bring their lifestyle choices into their investment strategies by showing fund strategies that are specifically designed to address environmental, social, governance and ethical issues and opportunities.
  • Fund EcoMarket is for information purposes only.  This site is not to be viewed as ‘advice’ of any kind.

Fund EcoMarket – from sriServices – provider of specialist SRI support  

  • Fund EcoMarket has been a finalist in a number of industry awards since its launch in late 2015. It was ‘Highly Commended’ (ie ‘runner up’) in the Corporation of London’s Sustainable City (Sustainable Finance) Awards 2015.  
  • Fund EcoMarket is independently owned (by sriServices – who specialise in supporting the financial services community).  This site is unbiased, free for everyone to use and there are ‘no strings attached’.
  • Our thanks go to our sponsors and supporters who share our passion for growing this important area! (Please help repay the compliment by checking out their highlighted entries!)


Please be aware the primary purpose of this tool is to support the financial services community – although we are very happy to share this information with anyone and everyone who may find it useful!

We do not deal directly with individual investors as we are not regulated or authorised to offer financial advice.

Please contact an authorised adviser if you would like advice.

A list of financial advisers who have confirmed to us that they offer SRI and ethical investment advice to all clients can be found on our ‘Find Adviser’ page –  or you may search or Vouchedfor to find an adviser in your area.