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Charishare Restricted Acc (BlackRock Investment Managers UK Ltd) (OEIC/Unit Trust)

SRI Style: Ethically Balanced
Fund Type: OEIC/Unit Trust
Region: UK
Asset Type: Equity
Launch Date: 30/11/1997

SRI / Ethical Overview

Charishare Restricted is one of six Common Investment Funds managed by BlackRock that have been specifically designed to meet the investment needs of charities. The Fund offers charities access to a professionally managed, diversified equity portfolio which invests predominantly in quality UK companies, with a restriction on investment in tobacco and defence related securities. Charishare Restricted is a charity in its own right, approved by the Charity Commission and with an independent Advisory Committee. It is exempt from stamp duty and capital gains tax. The Fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing mainly in UK listed companies, but excluding investment in tobacco and defence related securities.



SRI / themed / ethical assets under management – overview

  • Fund Size (GBP millions):   £60.852   as at21 Sept 2018


SRI Policies (Primary strategy in bold)

  • Alcohol production excluded This filter helps you to find ethical funds - and other options - that avoid investment in alcohol production. See fund literature for further information.

SRI Features


Corporate Activity


SRI / Ethical Policy

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