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EdenTree (Corporate Activity)

SRI Style: ESG Plus
Fund Type: Corporate Activity
Region: Not Set
Asset Type: Unclassified
Launch Date: 29/01/2016

SRI / Ethical Overview

Positive screening is at the heart of our profit with principles approach to investment. It allows us to invest in companies that we believe are good corporate citizens. It also helps us pinpoint enterprises with well-developed policies and processes for managing their social and environmental impacts and risks. 

We also apply negative screening to eliminate businesses involved in the manufacture or sale of certain products. We apply a 10% turnover or pre-tax profit threshold for the purpose of all our negative screens. 

Funds related to this strategy and AUM as at 31/12/2015 (source EdenTree as at 31/12/2015)


  • EdenTree Amity UK Fund - £137.10m 
  • EdenTree Amity European Fund - £63.55m
  • EdenTree Amity International Fund - £201.07m
  • EdenTree Amity Sterling Bond Fund - £85.11m
  • EdenTree Amity Balanced Fund for Charities - £21.50m
  • EdenTree Amity Global Equity Income Fund for Charities - £9.14m


Our ESG integration principles are used on equity and fixed interest assets in all geographic regions.

SRI Policies (Primary strategy in bold)


SRI Features


Corporate Activity

  • ESG/SRI engagement Find funds and fund management companies that actively encourages higher 'environmental, social and governance' and/or 'sustainable and responsible investment' practices amongst investee companies - when positive change is aligned with the best interest of investors. This may apply to a single fund or a group of funds. Read fund literature for further information.
  • Responsible Ownership policy for non SRI funds Find funds run by fund managers that apply Responsible Ownership or 'Stewardship' policies to all or most of their investment assets. This means that active involvement (e.g. voting, dialogue) with the companies they invest in across funds (not normally limited to ethical or SRI options.) Read fund literature for further information.
  • Integrates ESG factors into all/most fund research Find fund management companies that research environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues when deciding whether or not to invest in a company. This typically applies to all funds, not only those which are promoted as being 'ethical' or 'SRI themed'. This is increasingly often used as a risk management tool.
  • Vote all* shares at AGMs/EGMs This fund manager votes or aims to vote all* the shares they own at Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings. A commitment to voting shares is a key indicator of 'responsible share ownership' - where fund managers consider - and express their views on - the key business issues effecting the companies they part own. (*Allowance is made for exceptional situations such as when shares are in the process of being sold.)
  • In house responsible ownership/voting expertise Find fund / fund management companies where there is in-house expertise that enables the fund manager to make their own decisions on issues such as shareholder voting, setting of in-house guidelines - for example - particularly with regard to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.
  • Responsible Ownership/ESG a key differentiator The fund managers have said they consider this area to be a key differentiator for their business
  • UK Stewardship Code signatory Find fund managers that are signatories to the FRC UK Stewardship Code, which sets out a framework for constructive investor / investee relations where fund managers are encouraged to behave as responsible 'company owners'.
  • Publish Responsible Ownership/Stewardship report Find fund management companies that publish information on their approach to responsible investment ownership - also known as 'Stewardship' - following the introduction of 'the Stewardship Code'. This sets out their approach to voting, dialogue with company management and any related activity. This is publicly available.
  • Publish full voting record Find fund management companies that publishes a full record of how they vote at AGMs and EGMs. This information is publicly available.
  • Review(ing) carbon/fossil fuel exposure for all funds Find funds / fund managers that are reviewing or have reviewed their exposure to carbon intensive industries including (but not only) mining, oil and gas companies. This work is being carried out in the context of climate change related concerns, and may often reference international agreements.
  • Regularly lead collaborative ESG initiatives Find funds managed by fund management companies that regularly initiate or help run industry wide (collaborative) investor projects aimed at raising environmental, social and governance standards amongst investee companies.
  • PRI signatory Find fund management companies that have signed up to the UN backed 'Principles of Responsible Investment' initiative.

SRI / Ethical Policy

Our positive screening approach centres on what we define as the ‘Nine Pillars’ of responsible investing.  We are particularly focused on areas that provide the necessities of life such as healthcare, water, education and housing, or products and services that are sourced ethically and produced sustainably. We also favour ‘solutions-focused’ companies that are leading the way in technologies that may help solve some of the world’s most challenging problems, such as climate change, alternative energy or water conservation. In addition, we focus on business behaviour, expecting the companies we invest in to have a well-managed policy for promoting human rights, environmental protection, labour rights and business ethics. 

Our negative screens include alcohol production, gambling operations, pornographic or violent material or weapon production. We also consider animal testing, oppressive regimes and intensive farming in our criteria when evaluating a company.

Resources, Affiliations & Corporate Strategies

The SRI team is responsible for ESG research and advising Fund Managers. The team has access to a number of external resources for decision making. We have appointed Sustainalytics as our ESG data provider which serves as a starting point for our ESG research. This is complemented by NGO sources, company reports, market news and SRI initiatives. The SRI team also directly meets with companies to discuss sustainability and governance issues.


We are members of PRI, UKSIF, IIGCC and regularly support industry wide responsible stewardship initiatives.

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