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Zurich Stewart Investors World Wide Sustainability Pn CS1 (Pension)

SRI Style: Sustainability Themed
Fund Type: Pension
Region: Global
Asset Type: Equity
Launch Date: 16/11/2015

SRI / Ethical Overview

See OEIC entry for fund information

SRI Policies (Primary strategy in bold)

  • Sustainability policy Find fund options that consider issues relating to the sustainability agenda (e.g. resource management, environmental impact, climate change and/or social issues such as equal opportunities, human rights and adherence to recognised codes). This will include funds from all of the different SRI Styles. See fund information for explanations of the different strategies.

SRI Features


Corporate Activity

  • ESG/SRI engagement Find funds and fund management companies that actively encourages higher 'environmental, social and governance' and/or 'sustainable and responsible investment' practices amongst investee companies - when positive change is aligned with the best interest of investors. This may apply to a single fund or a group of funds. Read fund literature for further information.



SRI / Ethical Policy

Resources, Affiliations & Corporate Strategies

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