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Epworth Affirmative Fixed Interest for Charities (Charities)

SRI Style: Ethically Balanced
Fund Type: Charities
Region: UK
Asset Type: Fixed Interest
Launch Date: 31/08/2001

SRI / Ethical Overview

A diversified fixed-interest portfolio for charities looking for income with lower capital risk than investing in equities.

It takes a Christian ethical approach to investing.


Investment Objective:

The Fund aims to maximise its long-term total return.

It mainly invests in UK Government bonds (usually 70%-90% of the Fund). The remainder will be in nongovernment fixed interest securities (10%-30%), and cash or near cash instruments (0%-10%).


Christian Ethical Investment:

We aim to be good stewards of our investors’ money. The Fund will invest in a diverse range of debt securities. Where we invest in corporates, they are characterised by financial strength and above average management teams. They will pursue long-term sustainable growth strategies and have active regard to wider stakeholder interests.

To meet our investors’ wishes, we will avoid companies that are completely or mainly involved in alcohol, armaments, gambling, pornography, tar sands, thermal coal and tobacco.


We look to work positively with companies and are committed to improving their ethical performance. We engage on a wide range of issues, including: Climate Change, The Living Wage, Human Rights and Farm Animal Welfare.


We always vote at company meetings – seeing this as an important tool to encourage management to meet our requirements.


SRI / themed / ethical assets under management – overview

Fund Size (GBP):   £19.9m   ?as at 31 March 2018



SRI Policies (Primary strategy in bold)

  • Ethical policies Find funds with 'traditional' ethical investment policies. These typically focus on avoiding companies that are involved in the armaments industry, tobacco, gambling and/or pornography. Options will include funds where their core strategy or style may be to focus other issues - like sustainability or the environment, not just 'ethical funds'. Strategies vary significantly. Check fund literature for details.
  • Animal welfare policy Find ethical fund options that have policies that require specific animal welfare standards to be adopted by investee companies in order for them to be considered for inclusion within the fund.
  • Tobacco production avoided Find fund options that exclude manufacturers of tobacco (or related) products. This typically relates to ethical funds however funds from other SRI Styles commonly avoid this area also. Strategies vary and funds may invest in retailers of such products (e.g. supermarkets or hotels.) See fund information for further information.
  • Armaments manufacturers avoided Find ethical fund (and other SRI) options that avoid avoids companies that manufacture products intended specifically for military use. Fund strategies vary - particularly with regard to non strategic military products. Read fund literature for specific details.
  • Coal, oil &/or gas majors excluded Find sustainable investment and ethical fund options that avoid significant involvement in coal, oil and/or gas producing companies. Funds vary. See individual fund literature to confirm details.
  • Climate change / GHG policy Find sustainable investment and ethical fund options that pay significant attention to climate change related issues such as greenhouse gas/carbon emissions. Strategies vary, see fund literature for individual fund information.
  • Alcohol production excluded This filter helps you to find ethical funds - and other options - that avoid investment in alcohol production. See fund literature for further information.
  • Fracking and tar sands excluded Find fund options that avoid companies involved in fracking and tar sands - which are widely regarded as more controversial methods of oil and gas extraction.
  • Gambling avoidance policy Find ethical fund options (and other options) that avoid companies with significant involvement in the gambling industry. See fund policy for details.
  • Pornography avoidance policy Find ethical fund option - and in some cases other options - that avoid companies that derive significant income from pornography. See fund details for further information.
  • Human rights Find funds that consider human rights practices when approving companies for investment. Such funds will require decent standards of human rights to be demonstrated - which typically means adherence to international norms as a minimum standard.

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