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Barclays Multi-Impact Growth I Inc (OEIC/Unit Trust)

SRI Style: Unclassified
Fund Type: OEIC/Unit Trust
Region: Global
Asset Type: Mixed Asset
Launch Date: 22/08/2017

SRI / Ethical Overview

  • The Fund seeks to achieve long term capital growth and, to a lesser extent, income.
  • The Fund invests in a range of third party funds which pursue a broad variety of equity and fixed income strategies, the managers of which incorporate impact considerations into their investment process.
  • Once the Fund size is over £100m, the Fund may invest up to 10% of its value directly in transferable securities (including, where permitted by the FCA Rules, in unlisted transferable securities), the issuers of which seek to generate returns whilst addressing various social and/or environmental challenges.
  • This Fund is diversified, through its underlying fund investments, across multiple asset classes, regions and third party fund managers.
  • The structure of the Fund allows for tax efficient investment management


(Source: Fund Factsheet - July 2018)



SRI Policies (Primary strategy in bold)

  • Environmental policy Find investment funds with environmental policies - ie that consider issues such as pollution, climate change, resource management, environmental impact. This will include options from all of the different SRI Styles, including funds where their core strategy is to focus on other areas such as ethical funds. See fund information for fund specific policy details.

SRI Features


Corporate Activity


SRI / Ethical Policy


The Fund may invest directly in transferable securities, money market instruments, cash and near cash, deposits, and financial derivative instruments, with a view to generating long term growth for the Fund. The Investment Manager shall not be restricted to seeking investments with social and/or environmental considerations when investing in such assets.


The Fund will pursue an active asset allocation policy across all countries (including emerging market countries), currencies and sectors which may, from time to time, lead to high asset allocations to individual markets or other asset types. Depending on the number of investment opportunities that satisfy the Fund’s investment objective and the Fund’s criteria from time to time, the Fund’s portfolio may be concentrated.


The Fund’s investment objective is financial, and does not actively seek to target any specific social and/or environmental outcomes. Whilst the Fund will aim to diversify its exposure to social and environmental challenges, it is not obligated to allocate or commit a certain proportion of the Fund to any one particular challenge. The Fund does not provide any guarantee that any of the underlying investments of the Fund will achieve their respective social/ environmental impact. The Fund may have exposure to a small number of investments or to a few countries, industries, sectors of the economy or issuers. This can make the share price of the Fund fluctuate significantly.

(Source: Fund Factsheet - July 2018)

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