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Social Freehold A gr Acc (OEIC/Unit Trust)

SRI Style: Social Themed
Fund Type: OEIC/Unit Trust
Region: Global
Asset Type: Property
Launch Date: 18/05/2017

SRI / Ethical Overview

The aim of the Fund is to provide a secure and stable investment return primarily through acquiring social real estate. It is intended that the assets targeted for acquisition by the Fund will offer a consistent income stream with capital growth prospects.

SRI Policies (Primary strategy in bold)

  • Social policy Find fund options that consider social issues (e.g. human rights, labour standards, equal opportunities, child labour and adherence to internationally recognised codes such as the UN Global Compact). This will include funds in most of the different SRI Styles as this is considered a core issue. See fund information for detail.

SRI Features


Corporate Activity


SRI / Ethical Policy

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