How it works

sustainability-bubble-smallFund EcoMarket is a unique free to use, fund manager sponsored information tool that helps you understand what the many different ‘sustainable, responsible and ethical investment’ (SRI) options do that makes them different from other funds.

Fund EcoMarket’s focus is entirely on the ‘ethical’ aspects of  investments because quality information of this kind is hard to find elsewhere and even harder to compare… and because we are passionate about helping people to understand this wide range of game changing but often misunderstood investments.

 You can use this tool to:

  • Research funds by name
  • Find funds with similar ‘ethical/SRI’ strategies using the ‘SRI Styles’ filter classifications or ‘labels’ (this is useful if you know you client’s preferred SRI Style/s)
  • Find funds’ with specific negative and positive screens and/or thematic approaches using the ‘SRI Policies’ filter
  • Find out about how funds put their strategies into practice (and other related differentiators) with the help of the ‘SRI Features’ filter
  • Find out about related (non fund specific) activity goes on behind the scenes at some leading SRI/ESG fund managers – with the help of the ‘Corporate SRI Activity’ filter
  • Read more detailed information about individual funds and fund managers (nb they vary a great deal!) and visit fund manager websites via links shown within the ‘More Info’ areas
  • Search SRI options by ‘Geographic region’ and ‘Asset type’ to aid portfolio planning

User notes:

  • You can identify your/your client’s preferred ‘SRI Style’ with the help of our  SRI StyleFinder fact find tool (this is linked to our home page but has its own url.  See our adviser downloads area if you prefer to have this conversation verbally.)
  • Leave fields blank if you do not wish to use a particular filter
  • It is often best to start off with only a few ‘Policy, Feature and Corporate Activity’ boxes ticked as these refine and reduce the output  (Note this information is only in primary fund entities.  You can however ‘read this across’ to relate to funds in other product areas of the same name.)
  • Tick the box on the left hand side of the fund entry list to select a fund for printing
  • See the ‘About Fund EcoMarket’ area for further information

The links opposite allow you to read further about the tool filter options. You can also read further and download support material from our ‘Help’ area.

Please be aware, this site is for information only.  It is mainly designed to support financial advisers and other financial services professionals – although we welcome everyone with an interest in this area!

We are not regulated or authorised to offer advice, so please contact a qualified financial adviser or fund manager if you need further information.