Helping you to get started in sustainable, responsible, ethical and ESG investment

Sustainable, responsible and ethical investment (SRI)  can appear complex if you do not work in the area every day. 

Not only are there lots of different issues to consider and different approaches offered by fund mangers there are also some unhelpful misconceptions and myths.   

The is why we have designed this free to use website with a range of support information  – designed for  financial services intermediaries – where the majority of the information comes directly from fund managers.  

Our work aims to highlight the many similarities and differences between fund strategies.  The design of our database makes it easy to generate a list of potentially appropriate fund options by filtering fund strategies –  so that you can easily match fund options to client aims (or portfolio remits).

Our information is open to all and includes a fact find support tool – SRI Stylefinder – that complements the Fund EcoMarket fund research tool.

All information can be saved for your audit trail.

Strategy variations

When starting out it is important to understand that different strategies have evolved for different reasons, largely because client preferences vary.

Three of the most common reasons people are interested in this area are:

Different strategies place different levels of emphasis on these aims.

As with any area of investment your starting point should be to identify clients’ aims by asking questions. 

  • We recommend financial advisers and planners ask all clients if they are interested in this area as part of their standard fact-finding process (see ‘Advice Process’ for further support).
  • For interested clients we recommend advisers then proceed to ask further, more specific, questions.  This can be in the form of a high level ‘StyleFinder’ questionnaire or by searching for specific strategies.
  • More specific preferences should be identified and used to further refine your fund search on our main database 

About the Stylefinder questionnaire 

  • Select relevant statements on questionnaire to generate list of best fit ‘SRI Style’ options 
  • Enter your findings into the ‘SRI Styles’ filter on Fund EcoMarket to generate a list of potentially relevant fund options  
  • Refine your search using the additional filter options 


Please note: this for information purposes only and does not represent advice or endorsement of any kind. These are our suggestions based on experience and research. We are not authorised to offer financial advice and can not deal directly with individual investors.