How it works

The following two videos introduce our updated database:

The first is a the short version…


A 7 minute gallop through Fund EcoMarket…



A 20 minute trot through Fund EcoMarket, highlighting recent changes…



To summarise…

Fund EcoMarket is a unique, free to use (fund manager supported), ‘whole of SRI market’, information tool that helps UK financial services professionals understand, research and compare the different sustainable, responsible. ESG and ethical investment (SRI) fund options.

Fund EcoMarket focuses entirely on presenting the sustainable, responsible, ESG and ethical aspects of  investment funds as quality information of this kind is hard to find elsewhere – and even harder to compare…

What funds do we list on Fund EcoMarket?

Fund EcoMarket lists all the funds that we are aware of which present themselves as ethical, sustainable, ESG, SRI or similar.

We are not authorised to offer advice.  The database is open to all, but it is up to users of this information to read fund details and decide whether or not any given fund might suit an individual investor’s aims.  We do not make judgements about the appropriateness of an investment as we do not know your / your client’s opinions, however we can tell you that it is always sensible to ‘look under the bonnet’ – so please read the information fund managers have supplied to us.

 You can use this tool to:

  • Research funds by name
  • Find funds with similar ‘ethical/SRI’ strategies using the ‘SRI Styles’ filter classifications or ‘labels’ (this is useful if you know your client’s preferred SRI Style/s)
  • Find funds with specific fund and fund manager information by using the search filters.
  • Read more detailed information fund specific information in the ‘More Info‘ areas (n.b. This information is supplied directly by fund managers to avoid ‘author bias’)
  • Go straight to the relevant areas of fund manager websites via the links provided in the ‘More info’ areas.
  • Search SRI options by ‘Geographic region’ and ‘Asset type’ to aid portfolio planning
  • Note – different filter fields operate in different ways:
    • Selecting multiple options from the SRI Styles Classification, Asset Type, Geographic Region and Product Type fields will extend the number of funds displayed (displaying all funds with those attributes).
    • Other filters will only be displayed fund options that meet the selected filter options (and may show ‘nil’ if no funds meet all the selected options. To increase the number of fund options, you may like to reduce the number of selected filter options.
  • Detailed fund information is found in ‘Primary’ fund entries (normally OEICs, ITs or SICAVs).  Other fund entries have information carried across from the primary funds.

You can also identify your / your client’s preferred ‘SRI Styles‘ with our online SRI Stylefinder fact find tool.

This helps to simplify fund selection by identifying the  types of SRI option that are most likely to be appropriate given a client’s stated ethical/SRI opinions.  (The tool will tell you which styles a person prefers and you can enter this information into the SRI Styles filter field in the main fund tool, to generate a list of relevant funds.)

We recommend people complete this tick box questionnaire in their own time – and save or print the report it generates so that it can be discussed with an adviser when appropriate.  (Please note: it is optional whether or not you personalise this report)

Database improvements overview – new for Q3 2023

  • New fund and fund management company filter layout – to help make fund searches and client conversations easier
  • c70 new filter options – so that you can do more granular and specific fund searches
  • New ‘Dialshifter’ statements – to help highlight how funds and fund managers are helping to shift the dial from brown to green
  • New layout of fund information (under the ‘More Info’ buttons) – to make finding specific fund information easier and quicker
  • Improved fund and client reporting layout – to help keep your records looking smart!

Some small print…

Please be aware, this site is for information only.  It is primarily intended to support financial advisers and other financial services professionals – although it is open to everyone.

We are not regulated or authorised to offer financial advice, so please contact a qualified financial adviser or fund manager if you need further information (See our ‘Find a Financial Adviser‘ page).

The information we publish comes directly from fund managers (mostly from responses to our questionnaire – but where noted, from fund manager websites).  We do not endorse or recommend investments, products of services.