Dialshifter will start to come to life once our 2023 website update is complete. 

Having been announced at our conference in 2019 Dialshifter has taken longer to become a reality than we had hoped – thanks to ‘events’ – but we remain committed to making it a reality.

Once we have finished our current website upgrade we will be working on Dialshifter – which is all about bringing people together to share ideas and learning to help shift the dial.

The first step is the ‘Dialshifter statements’ that you can find in some fund entries on Fund EcoMarket (launched Q2 2023).

Over time, the readily recognisable logo will help intermediaries discuss how we need to shift from a brown, polluting, linear economy to a cleaner, greener, fairer, circular economy with their clients.

The logo design is important.  We are in a ‘transition’ period.  We are a long way from doing everything we can to achieve sustainable lifestyles.   Imperfections remain, but we be realistic about this without letting it hold us back.

‘Dialshifter’ reflects the reality of an imperfect world, and asks ‘what can we do about it’?  However you see the world it is clear that investors have a part to play in making change happen.  Sustainable, responsible and ethical investments have boomed in recent years, yet the challenges we face loom larger than ever before.  Dialshifter will be our way of trying to do something about this.

So, whilst Fund EcoMarket remains the place to go for the fund information we collect, Dialshifter will focus on specifically how investors can help ‘shift the dial’… further information will follow!



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On a Journey

Dialshifter, like other work aimed at driving positive change, will keep evolving.

The services we off are based on 25 years of working in this area driven by the desire to see progress made that benefits people and the planet and in doing so protects and enhances investment markets.  We recognise that opinions and strategies vary but want to help highlight those who are leading the way.

Our Plans

We have added fund manager Dialshifter statements to Fund EcoMarket – so you will soon see their views on how their funds are helping to shift the dial.

When fully launched we will work through the information we have been sent and approve use of our Dialshifter® logo.

The first step is to fill in our form, to express an interest in this work.  We will be back in touch when we are ready!