‘SRI Policies’ filter

reef with sun iStock_000003969132XSmallThis filter field helps you to identify the main ethical and thematic strategies offered by funds.

These are the strategies that drive or direct where a fund manger can or can not invest for a particular fund.

Fund EcoMarket lists the major policy areas that are offered by fund managers today.

These are listed as ‘policy’ areas rather than ‘positive or negative screens or themes’ as strategies vary between fund managers.

The text and links supplied within each fund entry help users to understand how policies are applied, but in general ‘ethical funds’ employ policies that lead them to avoid or support companies in line with values based criteria whereas themed funds are more focused on longer term trends.

Users should, however, be aware that many funds combine both ethical screening criteria and thematic strategies.

Some funds may apply policies that are not shown on our list, so we recommend users carry out additional research in addition to using these filters. This can be found via our ‘More Info’ boxes, where supplied.

An explanation of the filter options is available when you hover over a filter option within individual fund entries.