Fund EcoMarket App

SRI Services launched the Fund EcoMarket App in July 2020.  It is available for free both in iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) formats.

To download our free app search ‘Fund EcoMarket’ on the Apple or Android app store – these are however currently being updated to reflect our new database design (2023).

This tool, the first of its kind, allows users to research and read up on retail sustainable, responsible and ethical funds quickly and easily.  The App format can help free up your main screen, allow you to look at funds SRI strategies whilst ‘on the go’, or simply make finding the tool easier.

Like the online version of our fund tool our new App is free to use and available to everyone – although it is designed to be used by UK financial services intermediaries (specifically IFAs).

You can download the App by searching ‘Fund EcoMarket’ in your regular App directory.

What is on the App?

The App carries all the same fund information as the Fund EcoMarket online fund tool – nothing has been left off.

All relevant ‘sustainable, responsible and ethical’ funds (that SRI Services are aware of) are listed, with partner funds shown first (with their logos displayed).  There are around 100 ESG related filter options to help you select funds – and ‘More Info’ within individual fund entries. All fund text, links, check boxes etc are supplied directly by fund managers.

The format is however slightly different to the website as the stacked filter format and supporting text aims to help steer users through the process of finding funds that match individual client needs.

For record keeping and due diligence purposes the App also allows users to email their search results to themselves (or whoever you like!).

Why an App?

SRI Services founder Julia Dreblow explains…

“Put bluntly – putting Fund EcoMarket into an App format builds on our core purpose which is to make building sustainable, responsible and ethical issues into fund selection and advice processes as easy as possible – so that these funds can grow as rapidly as possible.

Given growing climate change, sustainability and social concerns it has never been more important to empower intermediaries and others to make better use of sustainable investments and the many diverse fund strategies that are designed to meet clients individual ESG related opinions.  Cracking that nut is an essential part of the #BuildBackBetter puzzle.”

How to find and use the new Fund EcoMarket App:

  1. Search and download ‘Fund EcoMarket’ in the App store  – or android App directory.

2. Go in to the ‘Search Funds’ area to enter the database

3. Type in the name of the specific fund you are looking for or tick the filters you or your client wish to use to generate a list of relevant funds.

  • The text embedded under the ‘?‘ icon offers tips for advisers – with the first sentence being a basic introductory question that can be used as a draft script.
  • You can select as many or as few filters as you wish but be aware the detailed fund information sits in the OEIC fund entries – so you need to leave the product fields blank if you are looking for other products (You can search for eg pension product names after finding suitable OEIC primary funds).(nb We are working on improving this.)

4. Click ‘Search Funds’ to instruct the database to find your funds – a list of funds will then appear

5. Click the ‘More Info‘ button in an individual fund entry to access full fund information

6. Click/tick the ‘Add to PDF’ box within a fund entry to tell Fund EcoMarket you have selected the fund(s)  – so that it forms part of your report.

7. Click ‘Create PDF’ when you have selected all the funds you are interested in.

8. To save your findings you need to send a PDF report to yourself –  simply populate the brief online form with your name and email address to tell us where to send your report.  You can add your client’s name or reference for your record keeping / due diligence. Click ‘Create pdf’ and then ‘Send‘.

  • Note SRI Services does not retain this information.  Please tick the ‘join newsletter’ box if you’d like to keep in touch.

Our fund partners – who have made this possible are: