Style Name:  Limited Exclusions

Investment funds which exclude a small proportion of their potential investment universe for ESG/sustainability reasons.

Brief description of Style

Funds we class as having ‘Limited Exclusion’ strategies exclude only a small number of companies (or other assets) as a result of their sustainability or ESG characteristics. They typically invest very widely and may have extensive exposure to assets some/many regard as controversial.

These funds are listed on our database for completeness because they are (at time of writing) promoted as being sustainable, responsible, ethical or ESG funds.

These funds may for example, have only one or two areas of ‘ethical’ exclusion, such as ‘Avoid tobacco companies’ or ‘Avoid companies involved in the manufacture of cluster munitions’.

Alternatively, they may exclude for example the worst 20% of companies in named sectors – when assessed against according to an ESG rating methodology.

Some funds in this group have strong responsible ownership strategies and focus on encouraging progress amongst sustainability laggards via their stewardship activity.

Intermediaries should carry out additional research to confirm their appropriateness for clients who have expressed an interest in sustainability.

Associated terms

Very lightly screened

Impact on investment strategy

Very limited