2 Minute Client Video Introducing SRI

Posted on: July 13th, 2013

2 Minute Client Video Introducing SRI

Brief introduction to Ethical Investment & SRI – for use with your clients

I am delighted to announce that having invested in some new kit I have at last been able to work out… and finalise … a new B2C ‘Client Video’ – a generic, PowerPoint based Introduction to SRI & Ethical Investment.

This is intended for use by UK Financial Advisers and available free of charge.

The video is 2 minutes long, unbranded, generic in nature and directs clients to advisers for further information.  It also suggests the use of our ‘SRI StyleFinder’ client microsite which helps people work out which SRI Styles best suit their personal needs prior to visiting an adviser.

This is available alongside all our other adviser materials via the sriServices ‘Literature‘ page – and below.

However, please remember that as with everything sriServices produces advisers are responsible for their own compliance.