’30 People, 30 Words, 30 Years’ – Ethical Guide for IFAs

Posted on: September 7th, 2015

’30 People, 30 Words, 30 Years’ – Ethical Guide for IFAs

’30 People, 30 Words, 30 Years’ – Ethical Guide for IFAs

PanaceaAdviser, the online adviser support hub have today released the new ‘30 People, 30 Words, 30 Years‘  Ethical Guide for IFAs compiled by Julia Dreblow sriServices.

PanaceaAdviser, who produced the 70+ page ‘adviser guide’, will be promoting the guide to their community of 20,000 advisers and to the media via their newsletter and via social media from today.

Download guide here from www.panaceaadviser.com/ethicalguide 


or download from sriServices here.


Commenting on the release Julia Dreblow said:

 “I am delighted to have partnered with PanaceaAdviser for this project.  They have done a wonderful job producing it and I very much value their help making this important document available to as many advisers as possible. The timing could not have been better.”

With regard to content she added:

“This document has taken many months to compile.  It is a unique document the likes of which has not existed before as far as am aware.

It is a compilation of the opinions of 30 of the most important individuals in retail ethical and responsible investment from over the the last 30 years.

I asked contributors to sum up in 30 words ‘why they believe ethical, sustainable and responsible investment matters‘ and then to expand on their views in a further 250 words or so.

The result is fascinating and demonstrates beautifully why this market is so diverse – and has so much to offer so many different people.”

To view the promotional video and download the free guide  go to www.panaceaadviser.com/ethicalguide