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About SRI Services

Supporting growth in sustainable investment

Our main service – the Fund EcoMarket database tool – was launched in 2011 by Julia Dreblow of SRI Services.  Its purpose is to help financial advisers and other intermediaries to understand and compare sustainable, responsible and ethical investment funds.

By bringing together information about all of the many different, but often complimentary, ‘sustainable, responsible and ethical investment’ (SRI) strategies and approaches we aim to make these funds easier to research, understand, compare and recommend to clients.

Fund EcoMarket is free to use because we believe it is important that there are no barriers to finding out about sustainable investment fund strategies (it is kindly paid for by our fund partners who’s funds are listed first). The site is designed for UK based financial advisers but open to all.


Other areas of work

Sus City Awards 15In addition to running our free to use tool we work with a number of providers of adviser and client facing services who require support in this area.

Julia has specialised in sustainable investment for over 25 years and is well known for her passion for the area – other areas of work include consultancy, media, training, speaking at events and occasional policy work.

In November 2021, Julia was appointed to the FCA’s new ‘Disclosure and Labels Advisory Group’  and is also on two TISA RSI committees, on the BSI (PAS 7342) steering group (May 2021) and the technical author of the PIMFA ESG Academy (launched 2020).

Julia was until recently (November 2018  – October 2021) a director on the UKSIF (not for profit) board,  having previously served from 2002 – 09, where she chaired their Retail Sub-Committee and helped set up National Ethical Investment Week, now ‘Good Money Week’.


Previous experience

Julia was formerly the SRI Marketing Manager at Friends Provident (who launched the UK’s first ethical fund), where she worked for 12 years having first learnt about this area whilst at NPI (1989-1994).

Fund EcoMarket (launched in its current form in 2015) and now boasts circa 2,000 users every month. The fund tool was the winner of ‘Best Sustainable & ESG Support Services Provider or Consultancy’ 2021 (Investment Week)  and has been a finalist in a number of SRI awards including ‘Best SRI Research Provider’ finalist 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2021 (Investment Week).  It was also runner up in the 2015 Corporation of London Sustainable City Awards (Sustainable Finance category) – and shortlisted again in 2016 (when the relevant category ceased to exist).

For further background information see the SRI Services ‘About Us’ area.




About the information we present

We are passionate about ensuring the best possible SRI specific information reaches advisers and their clients.  We gather information directly from managers and present their fund information exactly as it is supplied to us – the only exception is if we find clear errors.   We do however set ‘SRI Styles’ classification ourselves.

By working in this way we allow fund managers to present their fund strategies in their own words, highlighting their own aims, expertise and areas of focus.  This information, alongside the filters and fields we ask them to select from help to make funds’ points of differentiation (and similarities) easier to identify and compare.

Our view is that this combination is the best way to enable intermediaries to compare what these funds actually and why whilst guarding against the risk of researcher bias!

As you will see although many of these funds consider the same (or similar) high level issues, when you drill down to into fund strategies both the specific issues they consider and the fund objectives vary significantly.  And rightly so – as clients’ aims and opinions are often highly personal and as such vary greatly!

Our hope and expectation is that the information we present here helps you to match client aims to fund options as easily and effectively as possible…


Our mission

To change the way people invest.

We are working towards helping to change how people invest by making it easier for financial services intermediaries to bring environmental, social and ethical considerations into investment planning.  We do this by providing fund information and related intermediary support for free –  which ensures it is available to all.  


What is Fund EcoMarket?

Fund EcoMarket is a free to use online database of information on sustainable, responsible and ethical investment (SRI) funds. The site is designed for financial advisers but ‘open source’ as SRI Services’ core mission is to raise awareness of investment options that take environmental and social issues and opportunities seriously.

The database is ‘whole of market’, listing all onshore, regulated, retail, screened and themed SRI funds – plus a few carefully selected additional options.

Fund EcoMarket filter options help users to find funds that meet clients’ personal aims and objectives. The site carries a wealth of support information and tools to help guide advisers in this area. This includes the SRI Stylefinder fact find support tool, which helps clients identify their best fit ‘SRI Styles’.

The site is free to use thanks to the support of our fund manager partners.  Partner funds are listed first, with their logos displayed.

SRI Services’ research comes directly from fund managers and is transposed onto the site as received to avoid ‘research bias’. The tool is regularly updated and is ‘for information only’.  SRI Services is not regulated and can not offer advice.  We do not make recommendations or endorse specific products. 


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