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Fund EcoMarket was set up by Julia Dreblow of sriServices to help financial advisers and others understand and compare sustainable, responsible and ethical investment options.

By bringing together information about the many different, but often complimentary, ‘sustainable, responsible and ethical investment (SRI)’ strategies  we aim to make ‘SRI’ options easier to research, understand, compare, and advise clients on.


Sus City Awards 15Julia has specialised in this area for over 20 years and is well known for her passion for SRI.  Her current work involves developing this service as well as related consultancy and advisory work.

Julia was formerly the SRI Marketing Manager at Friends Provident, she is a former director of not-for-profit industry association UKSIF – and helped launch the first Good Money Week (formerly National Ethical Investment Week).

Fund EcoMarket (launched in 2015) has been nominated for a number of SRI awards and was runner up in the 2015 Corporation of London Sustainable City Awards (Sustainable Finance category) – and shortlisted again in 2016.


About the information we present

We are passionate about ensuring the best possible information reaches advisers and their clients.  As a result we gather information by contacting fund managers directly. We (almost always) present their fund information exactly as it is supplied to us – although we set the ‘SRI Styles’  ourselves.

By working in this way we allow fund managers to present their fund strategies as they wish, highlighting their own specialisms, expertise and aims .  This information, alongside the various filters and fields that help to make funds’ points of differentiation (and similarities) easy to identify and compare.

Our view is that this offers the best possible way enable our users to compare what funds actually do and how a fund manager operates – without allowing researcher bias to creep in.

Our plan is that this helps users to match investment options to potential investors’ own unique – and often very personal – aims, opinions and areas of interest as closely as possible.

Our mission

Our mission is to help change the way people invest by making it easier to bring ethical, social and environmental considerations into investment planning.

We believe this area has been under served by the ‘retail financial services community’ for far too long.

  • Investment Association fund statistics show that around 1% of OEIC retail investment assets flow into options of this kind – whereas market research indicates consistently higher potential investor interest – typically 50-60%.

Our plan is that by bringing together all of the available information on environmental, social, ethical screened and themed funds we can help facilitate a valuable shift in individual investor behaviour.

In order for this to change the retail financial services community must however have access to reliable information.

By providing this information free of charge (and with no strings attached) we can ensure that anyone who is interested in this area has access to comprehensive and up to date screened and themed fund information.

Our thanks go to our sponsors and supporters who share our mission.  This site would not be available without their support.

For further information see the sriServices ‘About Us’ area.

To contact us please email Julia@sriServices.co.uk

For research queries please contact srifund.fem@gmail.com

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Fund EcoMarket is a whole of SRI market tool (listing all regulated, retail, onshore screened and themed funds, plus some additional entries) that is primarily intended for use by UK based financial advisers. It is available free of charge thanks to our fund manager sponsors.

Fund EcoMarket is for information purposes only. It is intended to be used in addition to users regular information sources.  sriServices are not regulated or authorised to offer advice and whilst we aim to keep information as up to date as possible we can not in any way be held responsible for advice given to clients.

Please be aware we are not able to deal with individual investors.  If you are an individual investor in need of assistance please contact an authorised financial adviser or a regulated investment management firm.



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