Appointment to Vice Chair of new working group for financial advisers

Posted on: January 16th, 2024

Appointment to Vice Chair of new working group for financial advisers

We are delighted to report that Julia Dreblow has been appointed Vice Chair of the FCA’s new industry led Adviser’s Sustainability Group (ASG), as  proposed in the new SDR rules.

The FCA’s media release, issued today, is here.

Some early thoughts on the appointment from Julia…

“I have worked to help UK financial services intermediaries understand and make the most of sustainable, responsible and ethical investment since I was in my mid 20’s.

I have observed what has worked and not worked at different points in time, and have focused on trying to address the many sticking points including where information is imperfect (sometimes with good reason) and where relevant information simply does not make it to interested clients.  Indeed I set up our business, SRI Services and Fund EcoMarket, in 2010/11 to help address these challenges.

This area is however now moving very fast, as the urgency of issues like climate change and the threats posed by greenwashing has increased.  The SDR, published by the FCA in November 2023 marked a major step forward, creating much needed rules and a structure I believe we can all convene around.  It also heralded the launch of this working group.

I am absolutely delighted to have been asked to help lead this group alongside Daniel Godfrey (Chair) and PIMFA (secretariat).  I hope we will swiftly be able to form a constructive working group, bringing the right people together to work out how financial advisers, planners, wealth managers and others can help solve some of the biggest problems of our time. “

Julia Dreblow, founder SRI Services and Fund EcoMarket 


Additional information

Information about ASG purpose, its members and ongoing activity will be published on the PIMFA website here.


Link to FCA announcement: