Data sharing with Fidelity platforms

Posted on: February 8th, 2022

Data sharing with Fidelity platforms

I am delighted to report that in line with our core aim of ‘helping to change how people invest’  we have been working with Fidelity to bring key elements of our Fund EcoMarket database onto the Fidelity Adviser Solutions platform (previously FundsNetwork) and client (PI) fund platforms.

Some of our data has already started to go live onto their sites and we have recorded two brief videos to explain our activity so far.  Further information and links will follow.


Personal investors:

For users of our site – we need to point out that there are some minor differences between our SRI Styles classification (labelling) and Fidelity’s, although they are based on the same information.

The differences are:

  •  Fund styles that we refer to as having a ‘Theme’ are referred to by Fidelity as having a ‘Focus
  • The SRI Styles we refer to as ‘ESG Plus’ (risk mitigation plus screening and/or stewardship) and ‘Sustainability Tilt’ (funds that lean towards more sustainable companies, often with stewardship activity) – have been combined into a single group by Fidelity called ‘ESG Weighted‘.

For fund managers – we would like to make you aware that this arrangement makes it all the more important our information is as up to date as possible. We are currently sending out our annual survey and would be grateful if you could respond as swiftly as possible!


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