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Dialshifter is a new initiative that we are working on with PIMFA and others.  Its aim is to make funds, intermediaries and advisers who are helping to ‘shift the dial’ readily recognisable with a new badge.

Our market is diverse and dynamic and views will vary.  But with so many investors doing so little to address sustainability related challenges – and climate change in particular – it is time to highlight those that are heading firmly in the right direction.

We are currently asking for feedback on the criteria that will help us to both celebrate the diversity of the positively focused but dynamic SRI/ESG & ethical fund market and ensure people can find funds that are genuinely able to help shift the dial.  This is still ‘work in progress’ and further information on how this will work for funds, intermediaries and fund managers will follow.

Our plan is for this to start to go ‘live’ during Q1 2020 – but right now we are interested in hearing your thoughts about the core aspects of the plan.  Our survey below is now open and we’d love to hear your comments…

So please complete the brief survey below and help us to help the retail investment community to be the Dialshifters that so many clients want us to be and that many more need us to be.


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