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Feedback request to all Fund EcoMarket users

November 11th, 2021

We are currently in the process of upgrading our online presence as we have rather outgrown the design of the sites we launched 11 years ago!

We would be grateful if you could drop us an email on julia@sriservices.co.uk or funds@sriservices.co.uk with any comments and suggestions you might have.

In particular we welcome your thoughts on the following:

  • The layout and content of the filter options on Fund EcoMarket eg is there too much, too, little, what else would you like to see?
  • Reporting functions – we only have basic reporting functions at the moment. What would you like us to add or change?
  • Anything else. Eg are there areas you would like more support, information or training videos? What do you love and what annoys you about the current site?


Additional questions / prompts:

1)            What do you currently use the Fund EcoMarket website for? (eg. search tool, articles, newsletter/blog, etc)
2)            How easy/difficult is it to navigate the FEM search tool?
3)            What features would you like to see on the FEM search tool (eg. basket option, better download/print options, improved functionality, etc)
4)            Do you have any suggestions for additional filter options?
5)            Do you find the fund information provided (the MORE option) useful? (Eg. SRI policy, processes, text boxes, url links, etc) Is there anything we could add (eg. ISINs, SEDOLs, fund manager details, etc)
6)            Do you use / have need for ISINs?
a)            Would you search by ISIN number to find a fund?
b)            Do you use ISINs in your day to day work?
7)            Do you use the StyleFinder tool? Could this be improved?
8)            Is there anything else you may think is relevant?

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