‘Corporate SRI/ESG Activity’ filter

People and world iStock_000003127471XSmallThe Corporate Activity filter offers users the ability to select funds or fund management companies on the basis of their environmental, social and governance (ESG)  and responsible ownership related activity that is ‘above and beyond’ the day to day management of most funds.

Fund EcoMarket lists this information both within individual screened and themed fund entries (as it is useful to see what else a fund manager does) and – where supplied – within additional ‘Responsible Ownership’ and ‘ESG integration’ corporate listings.  (The ‘SRI Styles’ area explains these in further detail.)

This is a fast moving area and fund managers are increasingly interested in bringing ‘environmental, social and governance’ factors into their risk analysis and decision making processes.  (A high profile example of this is climate risk.)

Following the publication of the FRC Stewardship Code (adopted by the FCA) ‘Responsible Ownership’, is also increasingly popular. This strategy includes shareholder dialogue and voting practices – where the aim is to encourage better, more responsible business practices.

  • The Fund Management companies listed here are those we believe have strong ‘across the board’   practices and demonstrable track records.
  • The purpose of displaying this information is that these areas can be useful points of differentiation for often otherwise ‘conventional’ fund options (as well as for screened and themed options).
  • These areas also form a significant part of what many funds and fund managers do – although in the retail (individual investor) market this is rarely discussed.
  • Our ‘Responsible Ownership’ and ‘ESG Integration’ listings are not comprehensive, so this is not a ‘whole of market’ area of our directory.
  • See the ‘SRI Styles’ area for further information about ‘Responsible Ownership’ and ‘ESG Integration’.
  • An explanation of the filter options is available when you hover over a filter option within individual fund entries.