Fund EcoMarket SRI Database Quarterly update

Posted on: May 9th, 2013

Fund EcoMarket SRI Database Quarterly update

Fund EcoMarket Quarterly update completed

The Fund EcoMarket ‘SRI FundFinder’ database has been updated today, using the latest Capita/Synpatics Research data.  These changes will show on both the Fund EcoMarket database and the Panacea Adviser Fund EcoMarket database straight away.

The system is now up to date as of 1 May (our data feed is monthly).

This update was delayed because of the timing of Easter, but shows that change is ongoing …

In general – the post RDR tidying up is still going on. Previously deleted funds seem to be (somewhat interestingly!) reappearing on the datafeed and the ‘musical brands’ game continues.

Amongst the most notable changes were the following:

• The Alliance Trust rebranding of (formerly) Aviva SRI fund options is continuing across UT, Life and Pension funds.

• ConBrio B.E.S.T. (Premier and Castlefield’s ethical range) has made its first entry onto the system

• AXA Wealth reduced the number of external links, but the AXA IM Ethical Distribution fund is increasing its spread amongst distributors

• Zurich has reopened previously closed fund links, including the L&G Ethical Index fund, which appears to be increasing in visibility

• There are still a few appearances of the Hendersons Industries of the Future Fund (eg Zurich) which is odd as the primary fund has been closed for some time

• Goldfield Solar is no longer (or not currently?) appearing on the list

Over the coming weeks we hope to speak to as many of these fund managers as possible regarding these and other funds!  Meanwhile – as ever welcome your comments on our ‘Who’s Who’ of retail SRI funds!

 For access to the (financial adviser only) SRI Database tool and support materials go to: