Fund EcoMarket Quarterly Update complete

Posted on: March 17th, 2015

Fund EcoMarket Quarterly Update complete

Fund EcoMarket Quarterly Update complete

SRI & Ethical fund database ‘Fund EcoMarket’ is now up to date as at March 2015!

The changes this quarter were minimal.  They comprised mainly of additions where funds appear to been listed in previous datafeeds.  A possible reason for this is that the funds may not have registered as ‘ethical or sustainable’ until recently – although this is not confirmed.

These include:

  • Investment Trusts – Foresight Solar & NextEnergy Solar
  • Life Funds – two SLFC (Sun Life Financial of Canada) funds, managed by Jupiter and launched in 1992 now appear

Other areas of note:

There are areas where the F&C Stewardship (as was) rebrand remains ongoing.  Notably, the Aviva platform appears yet to adopt its new name (F&C Responsible) 

This is likely to be the last regular update before we switch to our new extended, open format. 

If you would like to know more about this pre-launch or are interested in sponsorship opportunities please get in touch!