Hendersons publish SRI fund destination

Posted on: February 14th, 2012

Hendersons publish SRI fund destination

Henderson SRI fund news and links

Henderson have today (14 February 2012) written to advisers (see letter) setting out their planned fund changes. 

This includes brief information on their highly regarded SRI OEICs – which will all be merged into the Global Care Growth fund, the largest of their three SRI options. 

Two useful links for further information include FT Adviserwhich includes a table of where funds are being merged into and Money Marketing which articulates their plans:  The second tranche will see seven mergers. Both the £84m Henderson industries of future fund and £79m global care UK income funds will be merged into the £190m Henderson global care growth fund managed by Nick Anderson.”

The demise of the ‘Industries of the Future’ brand is a real shame as it represents a reduction in investor choice – as the brands are very different by nature. 

The good news however appears to be that the old NPI Global Care brand will be retained, albeit in reduced form.  As one of its earliest investors I am particularly pleased with this news … ok, so I am biased as I was working there when it launched – and it was love at first site (which seems only fair to admit to given the date)  – but either way  I am pleased there will be a home for ethical money in Henderson’s going forward.