How global events are affecting impact and sustainable investments

Posted on: April 28th, 2022

How global events are affecting impact and sustainable investments

A video recording of the 60 minute presentation M&G climate fund manager Randeep Somel, CFA and I gave earlier this week is now available on the M&G Wealth Platform (previously Ascentric).

My main task was to introduce the impact investment fund spectrum – the similarities and differences between funds that focus on generating positive impacts as a key element of their sustainability, environmental and/or social investment fund strategy.

Randeep’s was to focus on world events and their implications for investors in this space … our topics included energy, Ukraine, climate change & a Texan biomass company example that took me completely by surprise (thanks to a delegate for asking!)

You can access the recording here: How global events are affecting the impact and sustainable investment market.

You can check out different impact options and strategies via the ‘Aims and Approaches’ button on the Fund EcoMarket database.

To put it mildly – strategies vary and need to be understood before they are recommended to clients… but what a fascinating and wonderful area!

This was the 4th of 5 ESG Masterclasses M&G Wealth (x Ascentric) and I have been running for IFAs and financial planners who are new to the area.

They will be posting details of our final event online shortly.