How SDR should help financial advisers

Posted on: July 14th, 2022

How SDR should help financial advisers

How SDR should help UK financial advisersThe journey to sustainable fund labelling & how SDR should help financial advisers – and other UK retail financial services intermediaries…

Following a presentation I recently gave at a conference I have re-recorded my slides in order to share them directly with you.

The 28 minute presentation talks about why I believe financial advisers – and indeed almost all UK retail financial services intermediaries – find sustainable investment funds difficult to describe to clients, how I believe SDR and labelling should help (when finalised) – and why this is so important.

Please be aware, these are my own views – based on my experience.    Although I am a member of the FCA’s Disclosure and Labels Advisory Group (DLAG) the consultation that they are working on is not yet finalised and we will only know its final content when it is finalised and made public – in Q3 2023.

(Information on how we classify funds within the Fund EcoMarket database tool can be found here:

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