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Recommended reading & viewing from our Partners

SRI Services partners with many of the UK’s most highly respected and capable investment organisations involved in sustainable, responsible and ethical investment.

This page brings together ‘recommended reading’ from our partners  as well as videos from our recent events and related links (all of which would/should count as unstructured CPD).

These links will help financial services intermediaries to gain a better understanding of the key issues that shape this sector – and drive both stock selection and stewardship activity.

The overarching aim of these resources is to empower intermediaries and others to help ‘shift the dial’…  and to help you to prepare for client conversations and likely regulatory changes.

Please note: the information and links below are intended for investment professionals and do not constitute advice or any form of recommendation.


Russia / Ukraine crisis

Fidelity: Ukraine war raises social and ethical dilemmas (1 April 2022) NEW

Quilter Cheviot: Transparency in the spotlight (9 March 2022) NEW

abrdn: Ukraine conflict – latest articles & investment analysis from investment experts (March 2022) NEW

Triodos: Macro Monthly – The war in Ukraine (4 March 2022) NEW

Triodos: War in Ukraine (March 2022) NEW

Triodos: War in Ukraine: insights on the economic impact (4 March 2022) NEW

Sarasin: The invasion of Ukraine (March 2022) NEW

RLAM: Our views (various blogs, updated daily) (February 2022) NEW

PIMCO: Russia/Ukraine Escalation: PIMCO economists give their views of the Impact on DM Central Banks (28 February 2022) NEW

Fidelity: Ukraine crisis – what are the potential economic and market implications? (25 February 2022) NEW

Pictet: What does the Russia-Ukraine crisis mean for markets? (February 2022) NEW

Agriculture & Food

BNY Mellon: Growing appetite for plant solutions (8 April 2022) NEW

Aegon: The future of food (28 January 2022) NEW

BNY Mellon: Plant-based foods fuelling growth (29 December 2021) NEW

Stewart Investors: The magic of microbes (May 2021)

WHEB: Deliveroo – bad timing, bad ESG or just a bad idea? (10 May 2021 )

Pictet: Better for you, better for the planet – food after Covid (December 2020)

M&G: UK agriculture post Brexit: targeting sustainable farming practices (4 December 2020)

Arms & Weapons

Triodos: Investing in arms is not sustainable (13 April 2022) NEW

Animal Issues

EdenTree Insight: Animals, Business & Investment Neville White (23 June 2020)

M&G on COVID-19 – The inextricable link between human, animal and ecosystem health (28 April 2020)


Jupiter: Notes from the Investment Floor: A ‘lightbulb’ moment for green bonds (17 March 2022) NEW

Pictet & IIF: Bonds that build back better (February 2022) NEW

Fidelity: Fixed Income Spotlight: Sustainable investing (7 February 2022) NEW

BNY Mellon: The growing power of green bonds (23 December 2021) NEW

Fidelity: Green government bonds: the promise and the pitfalls (5 November 2021)

BNY Mellon: Turbulence ahead for fixed income (29 October 2021)

Sarasin: The coming sustainable bond revolution (5 July 2021)

Triodos Five important questions about impact bonds (20 April 2021)

Triodos A word of warning to green and social bond buyers (3 November 2020)

Triodos A call on governments: now is the time to issue green and social bonds (21 August 2020)

M&G Sustainable investors, it’s time to talk about Transition bonds (6 July 2020)


WHEB: A new era for London and Brussels (11 January 2021)


Stewart Investors: Newsflow from China – what’s the impact? (vide0) (February 2022) NEW

EdenTree: China on the world stage – what it means for responsible investors (24 March 2021)

Climate Change

Jupiter: Investing in solutions to climate change (5 May 2022) NEW

Jupiter: The journey to net zero: how we analyse bond issuers’ carbon footprints (17 February 2022) NEW

BlueBay: Carbon for beginners (November 2021)

Jupiter: Methane Cut Pledge Is Big Boost for Transition to Net Zero (24 November 2021)

Jupiter: Water, water, everywhere (18 November 2021)

Liontrust: 1.5 Degree Transition Challenge – Engagement Update  (November 2021)

abrdn: Net Zero Directed Investing: what it means for us (1 November 2021)

abrdn: A low-carbon portfolio by itself won’t save planet Earth (October 2021)

BMO: How our climate is changing (November 2021)

BMO: Net Zero Stewardship (November 2021)

BMO: Tackling net zero across all asset classes (November 2021)

BMO: Three principles underpinning our net zero approach (November 2021)

M&G: Carbon capture – no longer a pipe dream? (28 October 2021)

Fidelity: Net zero is within reach, but can we grab it? (20 October 2021)

WHEB We’ve been warned – climate crisis and weak links in the supply chain (5 October 2021)

WHEB Code Red from the IPCC (18 August 2021)

WHEB Extreme weather – a wake-up call on climate mitigation and adaptation (10 August)

Janus Henderson Climate emergency but the investment industry can make a difference (August 2021)

Sarasin: IPCC report webinar (11 August 2021)

Triodos Climate change statement (18 June 2021)

WHEB: Delivering carbon reductions – moving beyond the targets (20 July 2021)

Triodos: Pledges for 2050…but what is the short and midterm plan: (15 July 2021)

BMO: Is climate change engagement actually having an impact? (April 2021)

Rathbones: Saving the world, one degree at a time (7 April 2021)

BMO: ESG Viewpoint: The road to net zero (March 2021)

Sarasin: Why thematic investing must include climate considerations (8 February 2021)

WHEB: Accelerating the transition to net zero (23 January 2021)

WHEB: Why 2021 will be such a critical year for the climate (23 January 2021) 

Fidelity: Slashing emissions will fuel green growth for decades (22 December 2020)

M&G: The Climate Challenge: Race to Zero receives significant boost (10 December 2020)

abrdn: Climate Action Series – Session 1. A climb against time to net-zero (2 December 2020)

Abrdn: Strategic Asset Allocation: ESG’s new frontier awarded best thought leadership paper in 2020 by Investment Week

WHEB: There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen (2 December 2020)

Pictet: Climate change and emerging markets after Covid-19 (December 2020)

Aegon: The green tsunami to come… (13 November 2020)

M&G: The Climate Challenge: taking the temperature (12 June 2020)

abrdn: Aligning your pension scheme with TCFD Asset TV Discussion (3 June 2020)

Sarasin: Open letter to the IEA seeks clear leadership on key climate goals (29 May 2020)

M&Gs approach to Climate Change (April 2020)

Emma Howard Boyd Environment Agency Chair  YouTube video keynote speech at our 2019 event (please ‘subscribe’ to our YouTube channel)

Why Climate Change Matters to investors’ – Lord Deben at our 2018 event  (YouTube video – please  ‘subscribe’ to our channel)

COP 26

Jupiter: Notes from the Investment Floor: What was achieved at COP26? (18 November 2021)

Jupiter: COP26 Citywire microsite (November 2021)

Jupiter: COP26: Down, Not Out (16 November 2021)

WHEB: Glasgow, Greta and GFANZ (10 November 2021)

abrdn: COP26: Climate – Episode 3: The Just Transition with Nick Robins (podcast) (8 November 2021)

M&G: COP26: what does climate transition mean for markets?  (8 November 2021)

Fidelity: COP26 is a make-or-break moment for cutting emissions at speed (29 October 2021)

M&G: Countdown to COP26 (25 October 2021)

Jupiter: COP 26: What to expect from climate change’s key event (19 October 2021)



EdenTree   Insights updates


Quilter Cheviot Coronavirus Q&A by Chief Investment Strategist

Rathbone Greenbank: Covid-19 a lesson for investing in people and planet

Sarasin & Partners:



Disruptive Innovation

Edentree: Enablers and embracers of disruptive innovation (30 June 2020)

Edentree:  Disruptive innovation – 5 week blog series with Thomas Fitzgerald


Jupiter: Environmental risks dominate the outlook for the next decade (14 February 2022) NEW

Triodos: Reset the data (30 June 2021)

Triodos: The importance of post-growth thinking (11 June 2021)

Emerging Markets

Stewart Investors Why does stewardship matter in emerging markets? (6 August 2021)

Stewart Investors Emerging markets’ new generation of tech firms (May 2021)


Fidelity: Ukraine war won’t slow decarbonisation momentum; it will accelerate it (6 May 2022) NEW

Jupiter: Energy shock: looking at both sides of the coin (25 April 2022) NEW

Aegon: Is new energy old news? (11 March 2022) NEW

PIMCO: Energy Transition: A Jarring Path to Green (23 February 2022) NEW

Triodos Powerful potential – interview with fund managers Angeles Toledo Rodriguez and Greig Blackie (26 March 2021)

Pictet A climate-aware US ushers in a new era for clean energy (November 2020)

WHEB Is it time to jump on the hydrogen bandwagon? (8 October 2020)

Aegon H2..Woah! (10 July 2020)

Rathbones Where the wind blows (July 2020)

Triodos Financing Green Energy in Emerging Markets – Webinar (25 June 2020)

Sarasin: Oil and gas prices – the big bounce back (1 June 2020)

Environmental Issues

Jupiter: Safeguarding Biodiversity: Taking a leaf out of climate initiatives (26 April 2022) NEW

Janus Henderson: Meeting the need for a sustainable and resilient water system (April 2022) NEW

Janus Henderson: Biodiversity loss: the other systemic crisis (April 2022) NEW

Jupiter: Green QE and the law of unintended consequences (18 February 2022) NEW

WHEB: WHEB’s approach to biodiversity (13 January 2022) NEW

Fidelity: Tackling palm oil deforestation (11 January 2021) NEW

Jupiter: US may set the tone for 2022, but solutions set the pace (1 December 2021)

Jupiter: Biodiversity: Sustainable investing’s new frontier? (28 October 2021)

BMO Can investors help move the date of Earth Overshoot Day? (July 2021)

Triodos: Shampoo bottle becomes sewage pipe (13 July 2021)

Sarasin / Portfolio Adviser Avoiding the ‘sixth great extinction’: Addressing biodiversity loss through investing (14 June 2021)

WHEB What is the best way to tackle plastic waste? (8 June 2021)

Triodos Five important questions about impact bonds (20 April 2021)

Sarasin: The Earth is what we all have in common (22 April 2021)

Rathbones: A drop in the ocean or the start of a movement? (31 March 2021)

WHEB: Accelerating the transition to net zero (23 January 2021)

Triodos A word of warning to green and social bond buyers (3 November 2020)

Triodos A call on governments: now is the time to issue green and social bonds (21 August 2020)

Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities landing page (August 2020)

Sarasin ESG Video – Environment (23 June 2020)

WHEB: Recovery plan for Europe …and the environment (9 June 2020)

Janus Henderson Alterations at the fast fashion industry (June 2020)

WHEB How we plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions (3 June 2020)

EdenTree on Sustainability  (10 June 2019)

ZSL presenting on Palm Oil and deforestation at our 2018 conference (YouTube video – please subscribe to our channel)

Circular Economy presentation from Ellen MacArthur Foundation at out 2019 event (on YouTube, please ‘subscribe’)

Preventable Surprises presentation on Amazon Fires at our 2019 conference (on YouTube, please ‘subscribe’)


Stewart Investors: The problem with ESG Scores (April 2022) NEW

Janus Henderson: ESG 101: untangling the performance conundrum (March 2022) NEW

Janus Henderson: ESG 101: why should you care? Client support for today and the future (February 2022) NEW

Fidelity: Navigating the ESG “bubble” (24 January 2022) NEW

Rathbones: ESG – bubble or eggsponential growth? (5 May 2021)

Rathbones: ESG: A package deal (17 March 2021)

Janus Henderson: ESG in 2021: closing the expectations gap (January 2021)

Rathbones The value of ESG: How mainstream is ESG investing within today’s adviser world? Research Report (August 2020)

WHEB Boohoo and the drunkard’s search for ESG meaning (3 August 2020)

M&G – The evolution of ESG in fixed income markets & implications for investors (5 June 2020)


Stewart Investors: Is Europe an Exciting Place to Invest? (Added November 2021)

Stewart Investors Reasons to invest in Europe (May 2021)


Triodos: Time for globalisation 2.0 (14 April 2022) NEW

Governance Issues

Sarasin ESG Video – Governance (23 June 2020)

FRC UK Stewardship Code 2020 


Triodos: Impact Reports 2021 – Using money as a force for good (May 2022) NEW

WHEB: Impact investing in listed equities – WHEB’s perspective (November 2021)

BMO Impact Reports (July 2021)

Triodos: Impact investing: the need for radical change (podcast) (7 June 2021)

Sarasin Pressing for parity (6 May 2021)

M&G Focus on Impact: Investing in Solutions to Address Society’s Biggest Challenges: webinar (16 Feb 2021)

Triodos Radical change creates new investment potential (16 November 2020)

Triodos A radical agenda for economic transformation (23 October 2020)

WHEB: Improving investor confidence in impact investment (3 August 2020)

WHEB: Addressing Ethnic and Racial Diversity (21 July 2020)

M&G What is impact investing? Positive Impact Fund (July 2020)

WHEB: Solutions in a time of crisis  – 6th annual Impact Report (18 June 2020)

M&G IFA Magazine_M&G Supplement_Impact Investing (June 2020)

M&G: Introduction and insights into impact investing (4 June 2020)

Investing for Positive Impacts and Outcomes YouTube video from our 2019 event (please ‘subscribe’ to our channel) (Triodos, WHEB, Foresight & Responsible Investor)

Information Technology

Aegon: The future of work (25 March 2022) NEW

BMO: Re-thinking data: Digital empowerment (May 2021)

WHEB: A tale of two revolutions (22 July 2020)

Markets & Ratings

M&G Supply Chains: Only as strong as their weakest link (7 August 2020)

Foresight Infrastructure Market Outlook (9 July 2020)

Planetary Boundaries

Pictet Planetary Boundaries: measuring the business world’s environmental footprint Summary & White Paper (April 2020)


Stewart Investors: Regulatory developments in sustainable finance (2021)

Responsible Investment

Jupiter: Sustainability, ESG and stewardship (Annual Stewardship Report) (April 2022) NEW

Jupiter: Taking account of people, planet and profit (25 April 2022) NEW

BNY Mellon: Navigating the RI minefield (7 April 2022) NEW

Royal London: Stewardship and responsible investment – 2022 report (March 2022)  NEW

Quilter Cheviot: Engagement process explained (29 March 2022) NEW

Quilter Cheviot: Transparency in the spotlight (8 March 2022) NEW

Aegon: A year for responsible action (14 January 2022) NEW

Stewart Investors: How big is big enough? (January 2022) NEW

Stewart Investors: Company Interview: Watsco Inc (January 2022) NEW

Jupiter: Our hopes for people, planet and profit (1 December 2021)

Stewart Investors: What makes us different? (November 2021)

Stewart Investors: Exploring outside the lines (Added November 2021)

Rathbones: Demystifying responsible investing – A guide for financial advisers (20 October 2021)

Foresight: Directing the tide: UK advisers’ role in driving UK wealth towards sustainable investing (11 October 2021)

WHEB: Is Amazon really a sustainable investment? (12 July 2021)

Rathbones: Quality over quantity (2 June 2021)

BMO: Influencing for good: Responsible investing in 2020 (April 2021)

WHEB: Greenwashing, regulation and sustainable investment (19 April 2021)

WHEB: Kingspan and the Grenfell tower fire (19 April 2021)

Stewart Investors The sustainability positioning of an imperfect giant (March 2021)

Stewart Investors The importance of culture (March 2021)

Rathbones: No tears for Boohoo? (24 March 2021)

Triodos: Has the pandemic affected how people view investments? (19 March 2021)

Foresight: Researching sustainable investments: The opportunities and pitfalls (15 March 2021)

Sarasin More good than harm (Part of Sustainable Investing report by Raconteur, published in Sunday Times) (16 February 2021)

WHEB Investing in breakthroughs (20 October 2020)

M&G Impact and Sustainability: Similar BUT different (31 July 2020)

Liontrust Responsible Investment – Green Power (Market Overview) July 2020

Rathbone Greenbank Investments: Vision with Values (6 July 2020)

BMO The future: it’s our responsibility’ (2020 F&C Investment Trust Lecture) (March 2020)

Rathbones – Responsible Capitalism in the US: Still pursuing green (Part 1) (30 January 2020)

Rathbones – Responsible Capitalism in the US: Technology’s role in a sustainable future (Part 2) (21 April 2020)

Rathbones – Responsible Capitalism in the US: the complete report (Part 3) (30 June 2020)

Social Issues

Stewart Investors: Worldwide Sustainability: How to approach tech and healthcare (video) (February 2022) NEW

Stewart Investors: Diversity statement – what have we done so far? (February 2022) NEW

Stewart Investors: Our Human Development Pillars (video) (added November 2021)

WHEB: The role of home health in the pandemic and beyond (26

BMO: Re-thinking nutrition: health and wellbeing (June 2021)

Stewart Investors: The importance of culture – webcasts (March 2021)

Stewart Investors: Diversity: An indicator of distinctive cultures (January 2021)

Stewart Investors: Learning from success: Supporting girls and sustainable development – webcasts (2021)

Stewart Investors Avoiding the perils and pitfalls for high impact healthcare investment (2021)

Aegon A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (16 October 2020)

Sarasin ESG Video – Social (23 June 2020)

EdenTree on Economic Inequality  (3 October 2019)


M&G: SDG Reckoning 221 – Interactive Report (September 2021)

M&G SDG Reckoning press release (September 2021)

M&G: No Time to Waste – the SDG Reckoning Second Edition (September 2021)

Janus Henderson: Progressing toward a sustainable global economy (September 2021)

Sarasin: The coming sustainable bond revolution (5 July 2021)

Janus Henderson: Global Sustainable Equity: a renewable, electric and digital future (July 2021)

Foresight sustainability series: Risks, returns and the role of the investment manager: addressing the theories around sustainable investing – podcast (11 June 2021)

Stewart Investment: Is Europe leading the way in sustainable business? (June 2021)

Stewart Investors: Good old-fashioned (June 2021)

Rathbones: Sustainable multi-asset range stands out from the crowd – interview with Proactive Investors (March 2021)

Rathbones: Just a passing fad? (14 April 2021)

WHEB: The online mob and the sustainability transition (9 February 2021)

Janus Henderson: Global Sustainable Equity: news and opportunities (January 2021)

Fidelity: Three sustainable investing themes for 2021 (17 December 2020)

Janus Henderson: Sustainable design in consumer products (November 2020)

Rathbones Sustainable strategies – masterclass on the road (30 November)

Pictet Demystifying sustainability linked bonds (November 2020)

M&G Recent trends in sustainable multi-asset investing – Sustainable Multi Asset fund (October 2020)

Aegon Sustainability Soapbox – regularly published articles (October 2020)

M&G Sustainability-linked Bond – Look beneath the surface (15 Sept 2020)

M&G Sustainable investors, it’s time to talk about Transition bonds (6 July 2020)

M&G & CityWire – Podcast series on ESG, Sustainability and Impact Investing (June 2020)

Aegon Capital Sustainability through a long-term lens (5 June 2020)

Pictet Our thematic strategies and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (May 2020)

Triodos Towards a more sustainable, less vulnerable economy (27 May 2020)

Foresight Sustainability Series: New podcast tackles trends in sustainable business (31 March 2020)

Liontrust on Sustainable Investment (various blogs)

Sustainability: Mission Possible YouTube (Sarasin & Partners, Janus Henderson, Liontrust & UKSIF) (25 November 2019)

Sustainability: Recognising Risks and Opportunities YouTube video from our 2019 event (please ‘subscribe’ to our channel) with Rathbones, Aegon, Pictet and RSMR)

WHEB  What does Covid-19 mean for Sustainability? (April 2020)


WHEB: The price of civilisation (20 July 2021)

Stewart Investors Paying a fair corporate tax rate matters (May 2021)


Triodos: EU Taxonomy must remain meaningful and science-based (8 February 2021)

Thematic Investing

Fidelity: Thematic investing: cutting through the noise – various articles (2022) NEW

Transport & Logistics

Aegon: The future of Autos (22 April 2022) NEW

Fidelity: Chart Room: Pole position for China’s electric autos (8 April 2022) NEW

WHEB: EV drivers – from smug to Bah Humbug (9 December 2021)

WHEB: From just in time to just in case (9 July 2020)

Aegon  Cash for Clunkers v2.0 (19 June 2020)

EdenTree on the future of road transport   (6 February 2020)

Understanding Different ESG Approaches

Integration, Stewardship and Ethics YouTube video from our 2019 event (please ‘subscribe’ to our channel) (Unicorn, Aberdeen Standard, EdenTree.  EIRIS Foundation)

Urbanisation & Real Estate

Aegon: Sustainable Real Estate – ‘the greenest building is the one never built’ (8 April 2022) NEW

Aegon: The future of cities (25 February 2022) NEW

US Election & Beyond

Rathbones: The Biden effect (19 May 2021)

BMO: Biden turns the tables from climate sceptic to climate action (April 2021)

Fidelity: Why a Democratic sweep could transform ESG regulation in the US (15 January 2021)

WHEB: Science 101: Will the Republicans come back to class? (10 November 2020)

Thought pieces

Technology, Sustainability and Health thought pieces convened by Pictet: Mega.online 


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Latest News

How global events are affecting impact and sustainable investments
April 28, 2022

A video recording of the 60 minute presentation M&G climate fund manager Randeep Somel, CFA and I gave earlier this week is now available on the M&G Wealth Platform (previously Ascentric). My main task was to introduce the impact investment fund spectrum – the similarities and differences between funds that focus on generating positive impacts as […]

Further thoughts on sustainable fund labelling
March 31, 2022

A similar version of the following text was first published in our March 2022 newsletter.   FCA Disclosures and labels (DLAG) – my involvement with the FCA, on their Disclosures and Labelling Advisory Group is proving both interesting and tough. We have had many meetings and the level of engagement has been impressive – but […]

Some thoughts on the Purpose, Positioning and Priorities of sustainable investment
March 18, 2022

A big thank you to our friends at Investment Life and Pensions Moneyfacts for publishing – and putting on the front cover – my latest piece on sustainable investment. You can download a pdf of the text here: 16-17 Purpose, Positioning and Priorities   The text – as submitted – is below. Sent to Investment […]