‘Lessons from the Lorax’ podcast

Posted on: October 24th, 2020

‘Lessons from the Lorax’ podcast

I have just been sent the information below by Aberdeen Standard Investments, having recorded a podcast with them recently.

I love the title – and really felt I had to share it!



Title: The Responsible Investing Podcast, Ep.9: Lessons from The Lorax – with Julia Dreblow

Description: Welcome to our latest Responsible Investing podcast – Lessons from The Lorax. This week, Julia Dreblow, director of SRI Services and founder of online tool Fund EcoMarket, shares her invaluable insights from over three decades in the industry. Topics include her drive for transparency, the reasons investors shouldn’t fear complexity and why the lessons of the Dr Seuss’s Lorax still ring true today. Listen to this and more here.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/asinvestments/episode-9-lessons-from-the-lorax-with-julia-dreblow

Thinking Aloud:  https://www.aberdeenstandard.com/en/uk/adviser/insights-thinking-aloud/article-page/the-responsible-investing-podcast-ep9-lessons-from-the-lorax-with-julia-dreblow