ILP Moneyfacts article ‘Stepping Stones for SRI Success’

Posted on: May 19th, 2015

ILP Moneyfacts article ‘Stepping Stones for SRI Success’

ILP Moneyfacts ‘Stepping Stones for Success’ SRI article by Julia Dreblow

This week saw the publication of my most recent  SRI article in Investment Life and Pensions Moneyfacts :  ‘Stepping Stones for Success’ .

The article talks about retail SRI  ‘post 2008’, offering tips on SRI fact finding options and sources of further information, tools and help matching clients ethical/ SRI aims to fund options.

Access the full article here.

Please note there are two versions of this article.

The published version (below) which was drafted in February/March and an updated version (above) which Moneyfacts have kindly produced for us.  This is slightly amended, taking into account one or two recent changes.   Moneyfacts are happy for either to be circulated by  interested parties.


(See here for the published version)