NEW Adviser Guide to Sustainable and Responsible Investment

Posted on: May 16th, 2012

NEW Adviser Guide to Sustainable and Responsible Investment

New ‘Adviser Guide to SRI’ now available on-line:

published in collaboration with fund rating agency Rayner Spencer Mills

In recent months I have been busy working on an new project – to create a ‘Guide to SRI’ – that helps advisers to meet the needs of their clients in this exciting market.

The project has been in collaboration with fund rating agency Rayner Spencer Mills, who are experts in retail fund research and analysis.  Rayner Spencer Mills offer a widely used fund service which is employed by advisers to help identify appropriate investment options for their clients.

Thanks to sponsorship from leading SRI fund managers F&C and Ecclesiastical the guide can be downloaded free of charge by advisers and other financial services professionals.  (Additional materials are also available from the sriServices and Rayner Spencer Mills websites.)

The Guide uses the seven sriServices ‘SRI Styles’ to introduce and outline the main components of the SRI market.  It also offers suggestions of how to integrate SRI goals into the investment advice process  – which of course includes using the Fund EcoMarket fund database tool and fact find questionnaire!

The guide concludes with a segmented list of leading SRI funds as identified by Rayner Spencer Mills – split by SRI Style – (for which their is  additional information available via the Rayner Spencer Mills website).

To receive a download of the guide click on the ‘Adviser Guide’ button on the front page of the website or go to

Supporting this launch is an article (by yours truly) in this month’s ‘Connections’ magasine – published by Capita Financial (Synaptic Research) . The article focuses on the different aims and motivations of todays investors who are increasingly looking for more than just sound investment returns…

Open Rayner Spencer Mills press release – with sponsor quotes – here :  SRI Release final.

We hope you find this guide useful and welcome feedback that will help us shape future editions of the guide!