New RSMR SRI Guide for Advisers

Posted on: November 13th, 2015

New RSMR SRI Guide for Advisers

New RSMR SRI Guide for Advisers

As those of you who have followed us for some time will know –  sriServices has worked with Rayner Spencer Mills Research for a number of years…

RSMR use the sriServices SRI Styles when compiling their Rated SRI fund list – and we also worked together to produce a guide for IFAs, which was originally launched a couple of years ago.

The Guide  helps explain how to bring sustainable, responsible and ethical investment into the IFA advice process.

It includes a description of our sriStyles as well as their fund research work as well as other SRI related tips.

This popular guide was updated last month – in time for their (highly enjoyable and very well received!) Leeds ‘Good Money Week’ IFA event.

The RSMR/sriServices  Adviser Guide to SRI is available for download here.

To check out how the SRI Styles are used on Fund EcoMarket  go to – where you will find ‘RSMR Rated’ as one of our filter options withing the ‘Other Features’ area.

(Please note only funds which have responded to our questionnaire will be listed when this is selected… although most now have!)