Obligatory ‘ethical’ fact finding?

Posted on: December 7th, 2017

Obligatory ‘ethical’ fact finding?

We will be working with the Tranparency Task Force on the topic of asking the FCA to mandate ‘ethical/SRI/ESG’ fact finding.

(Or more precisely, Fund EcoMarket Julia Dreblow has agreed to chair this TTF team.)

This topic goes back many years and in spite of changing times is still very much live as the level of investment directed towards sustainable, responsible and ethical options still significantly lags potential investor interest.

For instance – the IA consistently reports show net ‘ethical/sustainable’ fund inflows of around 1.2% of totals, whereas Good Money Week 2017 research indicated the following:

  • 69% of the British public want a new law requiring financial advisers to ask customers if they’d like to exclude specific companies or sectors
  • 40% of the British public want advisers to offer a fossil fee option as standard

If you would like to become involved you can join this group’s mailing by signing up here.