Parmenion ‘Ethical Oversight Committee’ appointment

Posted on: September 24th, 2013

Parmenion ‘Ethical Oversight Committee’ appointment


Parmenion ‘Ethical Oversight Committee’ appointment

I  am  delighted to announce my (Julia Dreblow!) recent appointment to the Ethical Oversight Committee of  Parmenion Investment Management.

Parmenion are a highly regarded discretionary fund manager and provider of investment services, tools and portfolios – and are well supported by financial advisers.

Parmenion offer a number of risk rated ethical investment portfolios which hold a wide range of SRI and ethical investment funds.

Click here to see the Parmenion press release which was issued today.

The role of the committee is to help steer the portfolios ethical processes and to ensure they adhere to the ethical requirements of their clients.   I am delighted to have joined former EIA chair and IFA Julian Parrott, who already sits on the committee alongside the fund Parmenion managers.

This role fits perfectly with my personal and business aims – which are; to help improve investor access to SRI – and to help grow the ethical and sustainable investment markets through the development of innovative and useful tools and services…

I look forward to being able to report more on this over the coming months!