Parmenion refreshes ethical / SRI portfolio options

Posted on: April 15th, 2014

Parmenion refreshes ethical / SRI portfolio options

Parmenion DFM refreshes ethical / SRI portfolio options

Following a review by the ‘Parmenion Ethical Oversight Committee’ award winning Discretionary Fund Manager ‘Parmenion’  has launched new ethical (SRI) literature to set out their updated ethical portfolio options to financial advisers.

The review follows the addition of Julia Dreblow of sriServices to the Parmenion Ethical Oversight Committee in August 2013.  She joined highly regarded financial adviser Julian Parrott and specialist fund Manager Andrew Gilbert on the committee in order to help guide the sustainable, responsible and ethical aspects of fund approval and communication.

Parmenion now offers four distinct portfolio options, all of which have the option to be tailor made to suit client’s risk profiles.

The options are:

A – Responsible Leaders Portfolio

B – Sustainability Leaders Portfolio

C – Ethical Leaders Portfolio

D – Traditional Ethical Leaders Portfolio

The revised suite of SRI literature now includes an ‘Ethical Fact Find’, ‘An Adviser Guide to Investing Ethically with Parmenion’ and the new ‘PIM Strategic Ethical Porfolios – Technical Guide for Advisers’.

The aim of the review was to ensure the Parmenion SRI options would appeal to the widest possible range of interested investors whilst bringing greater clarity to their range of options.

The range of options transitions from being ‘ESG and engagement’ oriented (option A) through to ‘strictly ethically screened’ (option D) via the thematic and positive oriented mid (and mass?) market options (B&C).   Ethical exclusions increase as you read down the list of options.

Why is this useful to advisers?

  • Reflects clients’ diverse ethical (and risk) aims. The options reflect all the main styles of SRI and ethical approaches that appeal to different investors types (without upsetting Parmenion’s existing SRI clients.)
  • Considers whole of SRI market. All forms of regulated ethical and SRI options are now technically available for inclusion although they are of course subject to approval and selection by the fund managers and the EOC – a ‘must’ for independence.
  • Adviser support material. The new literature range sets out in some detail what an adviser can offer to their clients from an ‘ethical’ perspective – these options dovetails with the 1-10 risk scale which is already familiar to advisers.

The new literature is intended only for use by financial advisers.  For further information advisers should visit:

Individual investors should visit to find an adviser – or see our ‘SRI StyleFinder’ micro site for details of advisers who operate in this area.

Links to the new literature are below:

PIM Strategic Ethical Portfolios – Ethical Fact Find – April 2014 (1)‘  (UPDATED JAN 2015 – see Literature Directory)

PIM Strategic Ethical Portfolios – An Adviser Guide – April 2014′

PIM Strategic Ethical Portfolios – Technical Guide – April 2014