SRI Bootcamp for Financial Advisers

Posted on: September 15th, 2013

SRI Bootcamp for Financial Advisers

SRI Bootcamp for Financial Advisers – 26 September

I am delighted to have been involved in the development of this innovative event and am very much looking to taking part on the day!

The information below has been borrowed from the ‘Blue&Green Tomorrow’ website, please use the embedded links for further information or to request an invitation to this adviser only event.

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 SRI Adviser Bootcamp

In the lead up to the sixth annual National Ethical Investment Week, Blue & Green Tomorrow is looking for a number of diverse financial advisers, paraplanners and networks heads to participate in an IFP CPD accredited, one-day sustainable investment deep-dive.

The free, invitation-only event will be tailored for those who have an interest in sustainable investment, but do not feel they have sufficient insight to advise clients on the subject.

It will take place on Thursday September 26 in London, and will count towards Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) continuing professional development (CPD) hours for participants.

Sustainable investment – a name that better reflects the range of options that are available today – has evolved considerably from its ethical negative screening origins”, said Simon Leadbetter, founder and publisher of Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Alongside more traditional ethical approaches this sector is also concerned with positively selecting the fastest-growing, most innovative industries of the future – across big business and in cleantech, biotech, healthcare, sustainable transport, forestry and elsewhere.

He added, “It is not simply about screening unethical ‘offenders’ out anymore – although for many this remains a core strategy. It’s as much about a strong and sustainable performance as sustainability.”

Critically for financial advisers, clients who invest sustainably are more loyal to their adviser and funds. In the UK, “Ethical investors are more loyal. Because investors buy ethical funds based on principles, as well as performance, they’re more likely to hold on to their investments.”

Sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) and ethical investment are not areas an adviser can afford to ignore. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) before it makes it clear that this area should be included in advice processes as advice must be “comprehensive, fair, unbiased and unrestricted” and “advice on retail investment products must relate to clients’ needs”.

Guidance issued in 2012 went further, with the FSA specifically commenting on SRI when it clarified that “advisers who use panels should be able to go ‘off panel’ for areas such as ethical/SRI investment to find funds that meet clients’ needs.”

What will the participant get from the one-day event?

1. Access to adviser and industry thought leaders in this rapidly growing investment area

2. Information on leading sustainable investment funds

3. Latest data on who is investing in what and what that means to advisers and why

4. What investors are looking for and the relative importance of ethics and sustainability

5. Support after the event to secure new clients interesting in this investment strategy

6. Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) continuing professional development (CPD) hours

Spaces are strictly limited so please register your interest early to avoid disappointment: