SRI in the Adviser Press: Moneyfacts

Posted on: June 19th, 2014

SRI in the Adviser Press: Moneyfacts

 SRI in the Adviser Press: Moneyfacts

 There was yet more upbeat and interesting SRI coverage in this month’s edition of ‘Investment Life and Pension Moneyfacts’, which has SRI/ethical investment as its cover story.

June’s Moneyfacts carries a great three page summary of where this market is today – as we celebrate 30 years since the launch of the first UK ethical funds… starting with:

“Ever since Friends Provident launched the UK’s first ethically screened fund back in June 1984, a wind of change has been blowing through the investment landscape in the form of ethical or socially responsible investing.  Deemed a radical concept at the time, cynics quickly dismissed it as no more than a passing fad, but 30 years on the ethical fund sector has evolved into a dynamic and diverse market.  Fuelled by greater awareness of social and environmental issues, more investors are waking up to the realisation that companies who adopt sustainable practices will actually be tomorrow’s winners, an approach that can also enable them to profit without sacrificing their principles.’

Link to article (complete with quotes from a familiar source)  here.

Moneyfacts – for anyone who does not know the publication – is an established ‘staple’ in the retail/advisory world and a source of excellent facts, figures and commentary. 

Many thanks to Richard Eagling and the Moneyfacts team for allowing the circulation of this pdf.