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How it works

Fund EcoMarket enables you to search funds and fund management companies by name, sustainability,  ethical or ESG policy, issue or activity. The ‘More info’ buttons lead you to more detailed information.

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SRI StyleFinder factfind

Ask your client to complete the SRI StyleFinder questionnaire to identify the types of strategies that may suit their aims


Search Fund EcoMarket tool

Search our unique database using the filter options to find, research and compare funds that match specific personal aims and opinions


Generate report for audit trail

Select funds of interest, generate a list and 'Save or Print' for your audit trail

The ‘whole of sustainable, responsible, ESG and ethical fund market’ Fund EcoMarket database tool enables UK financial services professionals match client aims to fund options – and research strategies in detail.   Information is supplied directly by fund managers.  We are not authorised and do not offer advice.



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Our App is currently being updated...

Our App is currently being updated...

The Fund EcoMarket app will be returning soon.  Our app is a fee to use, open to all, unique,  ‘whole of sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) market’, fund information database. Version 3 is coming soon and will be…

  • Available in Apple and Android formats
  • Free to download and use (no in app purchases)
  • Generate pdf report and send via email for your audit trail 
Returning soon to App Store

Returning soon to Play Store

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Fund EcoMarket?

    Fund EcoMarket is a free to use database of information on all regulated, retail, onshore funds that focus on sustainable, responsible, ethical and ESG issues – as well as a number of additional FCA regulated funds and a small number of portfolio service providers. (See ‘Product Type’ filter).

    We aim to bring together extensive fund information so that investor aims can be matched to fund options as closely as possible.

    Our database is designed to support UK financial services professionals but open to everyone.

    We do this because we believe it is important to change how people invest.

    We believe everyone should pay careful attention to environmental and social issues when making investment decisions both because it matters what is happening to the planet and because it makes sound financial sense to do so.

  • How do I search for funds?

    You can use Fund EcoMarket in a number of different ways.

    You can search by fund name, click on logos to see funds from a specific fund manager – or use one or more filter options to generate a list of funds.

    Many people chose to use the (separate) SRI Stylefinder (fact find) questionnaire to find their ‘best fit’ (one, two or three) ‘styles’ of sustainable, responsible and ethical fund .

    This can help you to focus in on the options that are most likely to be of interest to your client.

    You can then use the additional filters to refine your search.

    Once you have generated a list of funds you can tick the options you are most interested in a create a report to save your findings (important for your audit trail).   This information should then be matched with other standard financial information available from other information providers.

    This site should not be viewed as offering any form of advice. There is a lot of information about investment that we do not offer on this site.  We are not regulated and cannot offer advice.

  • What are SRI Styles and who decides them?

    SRI Styles are our own proprietary classifications or labelling system for sustainable, responsible, ethical and ESG funds.

    We group funds into ‘SRI Styles’ to make their similarities and differences easier to recognise and understand.

    SRI Styles describe the fund options that are available today.  They aim to highlight a combination of the different issues funds focus on eg sustainability, environmental, social, ethical, faith and the different approaches different funds apply to these issues – eg themed, tilt, ESG, limited.

    By doing this we hope to help financial advisers match client aims to potentially appropriate fund options more easily (and make it easier to see when a fund is likely to be entirely inappropriate from a sustainability/ESG perspective!).

    For funds that have supplied us with information we use the information they provide to decide label a fund.

    For managers who have not (or not yet) supplied us with information we use online information.

    See our SRI Styles Directory for further information.

  • Can a fund be in more than one SRI Style?

    For simplicity a fund can only be in one SRI Style, however in practice there is lots of crossover between the styles as well as significant variation between funds in each style.

    For example:

    • most of the funds we list consider climate change – although some make it more of a central focus of their investment selection strategy than others.
    • a ‘Socially themed’ fund may be a broad based equity or bond fund that aims to ensure all the companies they invest in treat their staff and suppliers well – or they may invest in social housing.

    In most situations we recommend you use additional filters to make fund selection more ‘bespoke’ –  better matched to clients’ personal aims.

  • Do SRI Styles change?

    Yes. Sometimes. SRI Styles can and do change over time because this area is changing all the time.

    Our SRI Styles are intended to help guide users.  They are our opinion of funds.  They should not be seen as advice or any form of recommendation.  See our ‘SRI Styles Directory’ for further information on the Styles.

Introduction to SRI Services

Our passion, mission and purpose, is to help change how people invest.

Our main focus is equipping UK retail financial services intermediaries – wealth managers, financial advisers and planners – with the fund information and support they need to match client aims to fund strategies. This site is however open to everyone.

Fund strategies and opinions vary, but our overarching aim is to help direct investments towards companies and other assets that are helping to solve environmental and social challenges and facilitating change – both of which are essential component of the transition to a sustainable future.

SRI Services founder has worked in this area since the 1990’s.  Long before it was fashionable.  Fund EcoMarket is our way of sharing this expertise and helping to drive change.  We understand and care about the complexities of this area and hope our open, free to use database helps others understand this also.

We encourage our visitors to read fund information carefully and recognise that delivering a safe, sustainable and fair transition will be multifaceted – as well as brimming with opportunities…

Fund EcoMarket is for information only.  We are not regulated and do not offer financial advice.