M&G Investments: Meet the Manager Lunch

M&G Investments: Meet the Manager Lunch

Published 31/01/2023

Date: 15 February
Time: 12:15pm for 12:30pm start
Format: In person lunch
Location:  M&G Investments, 10 Fenchurch Avenue, London

M&G Investments Invites you to a ‘Meet the Manager Lunch’  in London – Wednesday 15th February.

Now is the time for global credit!  Now is the time for Sustainable Investment Grade Solutions!

You may agree or disagree with the above statement, but either way the M&G Public Fixed Income Team believe it’s a good time to be thinking about investment grade credit for client portfolios.  And increasingly as clients seek sustainable solutions these opportunities can be matched to sustainability preferences through application of a strong internal sustainable framework.

M&G Investments shall be hosting a lunch on Wednesday 15th February with Mario Eisenegger, Portfolio Manager of the M&G Global Sustainable Corporate Bond Fund to discuss the above.

Details below:

Meeting:   Beneath the bonnet of the M&G Global Sustainable Corporate Bond Fund

Date:         Wednesday 15th February

Time:        12.15 for 12.30pm start – finish at 1.30pm

Venue:      M&G Investments, 10 Fenchurch Avenue, London

The session will:

1). Provide an overview of global credit markets and why M&G Investments think now is a good entry point for investors.

2). Provide an introduction to the fund, showing how the team have a proven track record in managing global credit solutions, the M&G (Lux) Global Corporate Bond Fund (which has been running for over 8 years), and how they apply a sustainable framework to the investment opportunity set within this OEIC offering .

3). Provide an insight into sustainable objectives and how we deliver on those, exploring the investable universe – what we do and what we don’t invest in, commenting on the limitations and the evolution of the asset class.

Should you wish to sign up for the lunch please contact David Halfacre and Jo Thomas at the following email addresses:

David.halfacre@mandg.com and Joanne.thomas@mandg.com