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sun and clouds iStock_000004631244XSmallDifferent fact finding methods work for different financial advisers.

You will be best placed to work out what works best for you and your clients, but here are some suggestions based on what we have learned from working with advisers over the years:

  • discussing ‘SRI Styles’ (or similar) works well  – particularly if a client prefers to focus on their core,  perhaps more general areas of interest – without necessarily discussing detail. (Others may find this too high level as they understand the issues and have very specific aims.)
  • showing clients a comprehensive list of ethical, social and environmental issues and discussing the investment options approaches (eg avoid, support, engage) works well with some clients – particularly when they have specific areas of interest.  (Others may find this off putting or select so many concerns that few, if any, appropriate options remain available.)
  • for some advisers a combination of these two approaches works best.  A conversation can be started with a discussion of ‘SRI Styles’ and refined further if required – without necessarily discussing all possible aspects and options (as some will be irrelevant).

Fact Finding links and downloads

  • To start with discussing ‘SRI Styles’ you can use our online SRI StyleFinder on line questionnaire   tool – or work from a paper version (hard copy SRI StyleFinder Questionnaire pdf  here).   This link – and document can be sent to a client.  They are essentially unbranded and do not return uses to the Fund EcoMarket home page).  Once a client’s selected statements are input into the online tool this will generate a report listing the most relevant SRI Styles for your client for adviser audit trail purposes.
  • To discuss individual issues with clients you can download our Supplementary fact find questionnaire  here. This mirrors the filter options on Fund EcoMarket – helping you to identify specific areas of interest to a client. (Please note the format of this is now different online. This download will be updated shortly).

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