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Different fact finding methods work for different financial advisers…

You will be best placed to work out what works best for you and your clients – but here are some suggestions based on what we have learned from working with advisers over the years:

  • discussing ‘SRI Styles’ (or similar) works well  – particularly if a client prefers to focus on their core,  perhaps more general areas of interest – without necessarily discussing detail. (Others may find this too high level as they understand the issues and have very specific aims.)
  • showing clients a comprehensive list of ethical, social and environmental issues and discussing the investment options approaches (eg avoid, support, engage) works well with some clients – particularly when they have specific areas of interest.  (Others may find this off putting or select so many concerns that few, if any, appropriate options remain available.)
  • for some advisers a combination of these two approaches works best.  A conversation can be started with a discussion of ‘SRI Styles’ and refined further if required – without necessarily discussing all possible aspects and options (as some will be irrelevant).

Fact Finding links, tips and filter option downloads

  • You can direct clients to our online SRI Stylefinder (Supplementary Fact Find Questionnaire) tool to help identify the styles of SRI fund options that best match their personal opinions. Send this link to your client:  SRI StyleFinder on line questionnaire  – and ask them to tick the boxes that reflect their views.
    • This microsite helps you to  identify a client’s preferred SRI Styles only.  Once the questions  are completed the client should click ‘search’ and then print or save their findings to pdf (to send on to you/their adviser).
    • This microsite does not link back to the Fund EcoMarket site.
  • Download a printable copy of our SRI StyleFinder Questionnaire pdf  here (for clients who do not wish to complete an online questionnaire)
    • this document can be sent to a client if you wish.
    • When your client has completed the form (ticked the relevant boxes that suit their opinoins), you or they can enter their responses into the online SRI StyleFinder questionnaire (then click ‘search’) to identify their preferred SRI Styles.
    • Their preferred SRI Styles can then be selected in the ‘SRI Styles’ filter box on Fund EcoMarket (then click ‘search’, perhaps with other filter options) in order to generate a list of potentially appropriate fund options.
  • Download a list of all the SRI Specific filter options shown on Fund EcoMarket –
    • this is a basic list of all the options show on the ‘Policies…’, ‘Approaches…’ and ‘Corporate…’ filters  (see image above) .
    • This can be used to design your own supplementary fact find.
  • Download a list of our SRI Specific filter options (as above) with explanatory ‘help’ text
    • this lists all the filter options on the ‘Policies…’, ‘Approaches…’ and ‘Corporate…’ filters with the ‘hover over’  explanatory text that appears on the (home page) Fund EcoMarket filter options
    • this can be used as explained in the bullet above  – or as a ‘prompt’ or  ‘aide memoire’ when discussing this area with clients
    • (Please note these downloads do not currently appear in the same order as the display on the filters.)

Note – the above information is updated frequently so please check any printed materials are up to date.

The above is for information only.  We are not authorised or regulated and do not advise clients.

If you are an individual investor you can find an adviser through our Find An Adviser list.  All the advisers shown offer all clients the option to invest in sustainable, responsible and ethical funds.  Please note we do not endorse or vet advisers – this list is for your convenience only.

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