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Rathbone Greenbank Investments (DFM/Portfolio Planner*)

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SRI Style: ESG Plus
Fund Type: DFM/Portfolio Planner*
Region: UK
Asset Type: Equity
Launch Date: 01/01/1970

SRI / Ethical Overview

ESG Integration is a specialist strategy applied to funds managed by Rathbone Greenbank Investments. Rathbone Greenbank Investments is the ethical investment unit of Rathbone Brothers and manages some £1.1 billion*  of assets for ethical and sustainable investors. The company performs the ethical screening service for the Rathbone Ethical Bond Fund. ESG issues are fully integrated into the investment process for Rathbone Greenbank Investments via the work of our in-house research team, maintaining a company ESG risk database which delivers ethical and sustainability themed company screening for Rathbone Greenbank Investment’s fund managers. 
As a bespoke fund manager acting for a very wide range of clients, the main business does not apply an ESG integration strategy across its £37.8 billion**  in assets. However, Governance risk analysis affects all clients, and is integrated into the investment process. Governance risk data is available through our internal research portal and forms a key part of our equity analysis. 

(*31 December 2017)

(**31 March 2018)
We invest in equity and fixed interest products in the UK.

SRI Policies (Primary strategy in bold)

  • Ethical policies Find funds with 'traditional' ethical investment policies. These typically focus on avoiding companies that are involved in the armaments industry, tobacco, gambling and/or pornography. Options will include funds where their core strategy or style may be to focus other issues - like sustainability or the environment, not just 'ethical funds'. Strategies vary significantly. Check fund literature for details.

SRI Features


Corporate Activity


SRI / Ethical Policy

Investment process


We have a well-defined investment process, which is fundamental to the service we provide. This process creates a strong yet flexible framework for our investment professionals to work together, sharing ideas and challenging each other’s views.


The Greenbank team has been managing ethical and responsible investment portfolios since 1992. We have built up extensive expertise in understanding how financial and ethical issues can be integrated into the management of your portfolio to meet your overall investment objectives.

The investment process is constantly evolving and we continue to invest in the resources required to ensure it remains robust.

We use a wide range of sources of ethical and financial research, including our own ethical research team, and the Rathbone Unit Trust Management award-winning investment team, as well as a wide range of external brokers, analysts and fund managers. As a result we constantly monitor market developments and identify attractive investment ideas and opportunities. We have the particular expertise required to invest directly in individual bonds. This approach gives us more freedom to implement our investment ideas efficiently and cost effectively, while retaining full control over the process. As well as conventional factors we also consider the extent to which a company understands and manages the social and environmental threats and opportunities it faces. This additional perspective enables us to identify companies which are ideally suited to meeting the challenges of the future.

We can also select third-party funds when we consider it best to outsource the implementation of an investment idea to an external team with the specialist experience and skills required. These teams have local knowledge of a market or a particular investment edge. Our size and associated buying power help us gain access to such opportunities.

Corporate governance


We prefer to invest in companies with high standards of corporate governance as they prioritise the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders rather than those of management. We monitor the actions, policies and decisions of the boards of companies we invest in and participate in voting at shareholder meetings. This helps to ensure that your interests as a shareholder are protected.

Robust oversight


It is important to have a formal oversight framework to support the investment process. Our investment executive committee is responsible for this.

It makes sure we are managing all portfolios to the same high standards while being able to adapt to changing regulatory requirements and market conditions. It promotes best practice and oversees all aspects of the process from portfolio construction and investment selection to implementation.



Resources, Affiliations & Corporate Strategies

  • 4 person ethical research team at Rathbone Greenbank Investments
  • MSCI ESG Screening data 
  • ISS Governance risk data
  • PRI signatories since 2009
  • Carbon Disclosure Project Members

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