Social Investment

Pension funds & Social Investment – plus ESG, Stewardship and Ethics

Pension funds and social investment: interim (government) response  – 18 December 2017 SRI Services welcomes today’s report, which we view as taking pension schemes a step closer to being better able to meet the ‘Big 3′ (very different, but none the less important) ‘sustainable, responsible and ethical’ client/member aims, which believe are: to better reflect personal ethical values, to make sound […]

Major Social Investment report signposts Fund EcoMarket

I am delighted to report that Fund EcoMarket is mentioned in the documents that accompany a major new government report on ‘growing Social Investment’ – launched on 17 November 2017. The report was prepared by an independent advisory group chaired by Elizabeth Corley, Vice Chair Allianz Global Investors. Its aim is to help guide the government in the […]

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