An introduction to Fund EcoMarket


Fund EcoMarket offers information about investments that take ethical, social and environmental issues seriously.

Our area of specialism is onshore, regulated, retail, screened and themed funds – however we also list additional options that we believe compliment these options.

We are passionate about helping more people to know about this important area – which is why this site is free for everyone to use.  This is only possible however thanks to our supporters and sponsors – who’s logos are shown on Fund EcoMarket.

We firmly believe that enabling people to find investment options that suit their aims and opinions about issues such as sustainability, climate change and human rights is an essential part of the financial advice process.

Fund EcoMarket is out contribution towards helping this to happen…

Fund EcoMarket helps you…

1. Identify your or your client’s ‘best fit’ SRI Styles via the SRI StyleFinder Questionnaire 

2. Search SRI/ethical options via the ‘name, product and investment type’ filter fields.

3. Find options with similar core ‘ethical/SRI’ strategies via our unique ‘SRI Styles’ segmentation.

4. Refine your research using the ‘SRI Policy’ and ‘Additional SRI Features’  and ‘Corporate SRI Activity’ filter options

5. Read what the fund managers say about their own SRI / ethical strategies – via the ‘More Info’ button – which includes links to managers’ websites

6. Record your findings and generate reports for your audit trail


The navigational links within this ‘help’ area explain further.


The small print…

Fund EcoMarket is ‘for information only’.  The information we published relates to ‘ethical’ information only and is not intended to be viewed as advice, recommendation or endorsement in any form.

We are not financial advisers and are not authorised to offer financial advice.  (Everyone is welcome to use the information we provide however we are not geared up to deal  individual investors.)

If you are interested in making an investment please contact your Financial Adviser  – or you can ‘Find an Adviser’ via the button on Fund EcoMarket.  Alternatively you can contact the fund management companies shown on Fund EcoMarket as some deal directly with investors.

Financial Advisers:

Our primary aim is to help and support financial advisers who we believe have little access to reliable, independent information of this kind.  If you require further help you can check out our ‘Adviser Downloads & Support’ area – which includes literature and videos.  You can also check out the various ‘industry professionals only’ links on the home page of or contact us.

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